4 Most Popular Free Tools To Convert JPG To PDF

Convert JPG To PDF

One of the most acceptable forms of the document in today’s time is a PDF file. On the contrary, one of the most popular formats that we have access to is JPG. One question that might be arising in your mind when you reading the contrasting statements is; how to convert JPG to PDF? You need not stress yourself over this question to which we have a prompt answer. You need to give the entire credit of solving your problem to the advent of the internet. Thanks to the technology and diverse tools available online that help you to convert the format of files from one to another. Here are some of the 4 Most Popular Free Tools To Convert JPG To PDF:

1. JPG2pdf.com

JPG2pdf.com is undoubtedly one of the best tools that help you convert images to PDF. Using this tool you can combine numerous images into one PDF file that too very easily. You need not worry about the file size limit that you can upload, convert as well as download. However, you can upload only twenty images in one go. The website then optimizes the images automatically without leaving any watermark.

2. iLovePDF.com

iLovePDF is one of the most popular online PDF editor. There is an option to create an account and buy the premium version to get access to more interesting features. The premium membership of the site is available at a very nominal price that is easy for all of us to afford especially when most of our assignments revolve around converting JPG to PDF. However, the free version also offers plenty of features to help you smoothly convert a JPG file to a PDF.

3. SmallPDF.com

SmallPDF.com is another free tool that helps you convert images into PDF or to any other format of your choice. There are just a few steps that you need to follow and your document is ready for download in any format that you want. There are plenty of other interesting features also that the free tool has in store for you.

4. PDFCandy.com

PDFCandy offers you plenty of other interesting features also besides being able to convert any JPG file into a PDF. One of the best parts about using this tool is that it is available for free and you can use it indefinite times to convert your images into a PDF.

Overall, these are some of the 4 Most Popular Free Tools To Convert JPG To PDF that is easily available online. Within a couple of minutes, you can convert any image into a PDF file and upload it wherever you want or simply save it on your device. While some of these do leave a watermark, but most of the free tools for converting JPG to PDF do not leave a watermark. One of the reasons why these tools leave a watermark is that the owners of these tools want you to upgrade your standard membership to premium and pay for the services.


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