Best PDF conversion apps to keep an eye for in 2017


Everyone has their favorite app when it comes to working your way around PDFs and, at the end of the day only you can decide which app best fits your needs. Reason for us being here today is to present you with only the best apps on the market so that you may make your pick! In the following text you will have the chance to read a few facts and hear about a few new features, and find out what are the top 10 PDF conversion apps you should keep an eye for in 2017!

1.     PDF Converter Ultimate pdf-converter-pro

Just a few weeks ago Cometdocs released by far their best PDF conversion app. This app helps you convert any PDF to 6 different formats. The free version of the app allows its users to convert files with remarkable speed, and from what we saw most conversions get done in a matter of seconds. PDF Converter Ultimate is very reliable, and so far its users have a very high opinion of the app, judging by the reviews and ratings on iTunes and Google Play store. This app also allows you to send files directly to be converted from your Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box account once you log into them and allow the access. Take a chance with this app and let us know what you think!

2.     easyPDF easy-pdf-image

easyPDF is a well known brand when it comes to PDF conversion. This app lets you edit PDFs through its editing feature, within the app itself. Not only that, but easyPDF also lets you convert files back to PDF. With this app you can convert PDFs to a number of MS Office formats. You can also convert images, both .jpeg and .png files (and other) as well, which only brings one question – is their OCR tech really that strong? We leave that up to you to find out!

3.     To PDF to-pdf-image

To PDF by Darasoft Inc is one of the more potent apps when it comes to converting PDFs because it does more than that. Way more. If you can afford its numerous in-app purchases To PDF will allow you to convert any PDF, image file, MS Office files, convert back to PDF and even annotate some files. It will also allow you to share PDFs via Dropbox and email directly from the app. Once you are done converting and sending the files, To PDF will organize them for you as well!

4.     PDF Converter Pro pdf-converter-pro

Very many have heard of PDF Converter Pro, given that it has between 1 and 5 million downloads, it ranks highly and is generally very valued in the world of productivity. PDF Converter pro allows you to quickly manipulate file formats between PDF, MS Office, image files and other. This app backs up all your files once you get a new device. However, having only 2 free conversions is a major flaw, and forcing your users into buying an app that they haven’t really had the chance to test is not something users take lightly…

5.     PDF to Word pdf-to-word

PDF to Word is a classic example of a single format conversion app. As you may assume from the name, this app lets you convert files only to Word, however PDF to Word has many hidden features. Initially intended to be a simple productivity app, its developers have created such a strong OCR engine that this app can convert nearly any PDF with impeccable precision. Once you convert the PDF, the new file keeps its original layout, content and quality, all the while not having to spend more than a minute on conversion!

6.     PDF Converter pdf-converter-pro

PDF Converter developed by Pradeep Singh is a remarkable tool when it comes to interface quality since their interface is by far one of the most user friendly ones. Having this app in your phone can be a game changer. In case you need to convert PDFs, images, contacts, or web pages, don’t wait any longer. PDF Converter is only $4 USD for a lifetime so it is more than affordable compared to its competitors. One more cool thing about this app that you can share files via wifi once you are don’t converting them!

7.     Xodo PDF Reader and Editor xodo-reader-image

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is another well renowned name, and for several reasons. Aside from having over a million downloads, app often appears on many lists across the internet. Xodo allows you to edit and annotate PDFs quickly, merge and split and even rotate pages. Being so interactive, people simply fall in love with Xodo. It will also automatically sync with your Google Drive and Dropbox so you never have to worry about your content being at one place or another!

8. PDF Conversion Suite pdf-conversion-suite

PDF Conversion Suite not only does it convert files to PDF, but it also creates PDF or multipage TIFF files from various document formats. Once you select your document and the type of conversion you want, you will have to be patient for a bit, but in the end the conversion output file is top of the line. This app offers over 30 formats to convert to and from, as you can convert most common image formats, PDFs, emails, and way more!

9.     Save as PDF save-as-pdf

Save as PDF is a powerful OCR converter that enables you to save each and every Office file in order to have them safely stored as a PDF in your device. Why? Because PDFs are the most common type of files when it comes to storing as they take little to no memory when compared to other formats. This app works not only for Microsoft office, but also Libreoffice/OpenOffice and multiple image formats as well. Another interesting fact is that Save as PDF is one of the rare apps that can save files as .rtf – rich text files!

10.   Able2Doc able2doc

Able2Doc allows you to convert PDFs into 3 different formats:  to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Given that Able2Doc is a pretty old and outdated app, it is due for a major rework. The company developing it, Investintech, is worldwide known for their PDF conversion software. Keep an open eye for the next major patch of this app and let us know what changes have been made, and whether you like them or not!


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