Top 6 Most Popular Video Editing Apps For IOS Users

Video Editing Apps For IOS Users

With smartphones in the hands of every person, all of us have become self-proclaimed photographers and videographers. However, there are plenty of cases where we feel like editing the videos we create and adding an extra touch. Here are Top 6 Most Popular Video Editing Apps For IOS Users that you can explore.

1. iMovie

iMovie is one of the best video editing app for those who love making moves for fun. The app allows you to share files via AirDrop and is also compatible with Final Cut Pro themes as well as video filters. The results that the app produces are very impressive and getting the app does not put much burden on your [pockets either.

2. LumaFusion

This is again a stunning video editor that offers you fabulous features. The app supports 360-degree video in addition to facilitating three audio/video tracks and an additional three audio tracks for narration as well as effects. The app comes with built-in effects and transitions supporting chroma keying for green/ blue screen effects. Not only does it support local drives but it also supports WD Wireless Pro drives.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush CC

The app is available to download free of cost but has in-app purchases available. It offers users ample export options in addition to four videos plus three audio tracks. The user interface of the app is also neat and user friendly. Sound clarity is another adorable feature that the app offers to users.

4. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is one of the most creative options that comes replete with not only filters but also text effects. The app is available for download free f cost from the App Store but has no multi-track editor. You cannot however directly export the video to other platforms like YouTube. The advanced tools that the app makes available enhance the quality of video you make.

5. Clips

Out of all the apps, this one is the most fun to use. This is an appropriate platform for creating quick video messaging as well as social media sharing. It offers you ample stickers and a user-friendly interface. Not to forget, this is again a free app to download.

6. Magisto

It is one of the smartest video editing app that partially automates the [rocedure of editing a video. With umpteen filters ta your disposal, it comes totally free of cost available for download on App Store. The app offers some in-app purchases for making video editing all the easier.

All in all, these are the Top 6 Most Popular Video Editing Apps For IOS Users that you can consider downloading on your phone. While most of these are available to download free of cost, for some you need to make a payment. All these options are worth a try and you can shortlist the one that best suits your video editing needs at the moment.


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