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As per a recent report by IDC, India has seen inflation in the sales of fitness wearables in the first quarter of the year 2020. The report mentioned that the first quarter of 2020 has seen more than 50% more sales of these wearables in comparison to last year’s first quarter. As many as 4.2 million gadgets have been shipped during this time.

Though the sales has increased but of course, the lockdown and the pandemic situation has impacted the shipments to a certain extent. It has been noticed for last few years that the demand for such gadgets such as fitness wristwatches and bands has a consistent rise in its sales year after year.

Some of the main products that are high in demand consistently are earwear, smartwatches, and wristbands. Though there are now many of the brands that are trying to hold the market for fitness wearables, there are some of them that have been trending this year too and have successfully made good sales among the audience.

  1. Xiomi

The Beijing based company Xiomi has captured a good market in India and is consistently growing its sales among the customers. The Mi bands are quite popular today among the youngsters and many of the office goers. These wristbands are not just good in terms of tracking fitness-related activities such as your walking steps, and others but also are trending due to its fashionable looks.

The sleek design of the Mi bands are perfect for anyone to wear them as a general watch on which they can see time, attend calls, see messages, and can also track their steps, and other activities. Also, available at a much affordable cost, Xiomi has grasped a good market in the country with its smartphones and now with its fitness wearables too.

  1. Huami

Huami is a wearable brand that is a part of the smartphone brand Xiomi. The brand has offered a competition even to its head brand Xiomi’s Mi bands. Huami Amazfit is known to be a perfect wristband that is not just good to look at but also is a perfect one for those who are fitness enthusiasts.

The band is offered the look of a smartwatch and hence it has become famous among most of the youngsters and even teenagers. It is designed in such a way that it can suit both men and women. The device comes along with an ECG sensor that can track your heart conditions and can help you in staying fit and healthy while you are working, traveling, or are exercising.

  1. Apple

Apple lovers will always prefer to have an Apple product for their needs. Looking into this may be the brand introduced its smartwatch that is capable of supporting different applications for health and fitness.

Bending towards a bit costlier side in comparison to the above two gadgets, Apple smartwatches are a favorite among the richer sections of the society and also those who are specifically in love with the Apple devices.

  1. Samsung

People who are looking for a brand and are towards spending money on the costlier gadgets of Apple often prefer to go for other options and Samsung being the most common one. The brand has a stable market for smartphones now and is quite decent in other electronics such as refrigerator and televisions.

But when it is about fitness wearables, the brand has left behind Apple and is quite on the edge to compete with Xiomi. Samsung has been a competitor the leading brands because people have a trust on the brand and it offers gadgets that are priced decently, if not cheap.

  1. boAt

Earplugs are quite famous wearables from the brand boAt due to their great sound quality and elegant looks. Also, comfort in wearing them and an attractive price are another features that has made this brand quite famous. A wide number of streaming applications have come up with a huge number of movies and shows getting released each week. It is not necessary that everyone is going to have a setup of smart TV in the living room to watch the shows with the entire family. There are also some who wish to enjoy the shows all alone.

For such people, having a great set of earplug that is quality proven and is comfortable to wear works a lot. The brand has a promising quality and also has a good number of reviews about it and hence is quite trending now among different wearables this year.

  1. JBL

JBL is quite a name now if you are not a fond of brands such as Samsung and Apple and do not wish to trust a new comer like Xiomi. This is another earplug wearable brand that has captured a good percentage of market and a lot many people trust this brand for its affordable yet quality earplugs and other wearables. The name has been there since quite some time now and it seems that people still love its quality and the brand will continue to have a hold on the market for the new some time too.

  1. Infinity

There are so many brands that are not as expensive and as trendy as Samsung and Apple but are known for their quality and affordable cost. Infinity is again one of them. It has a decent record of sales and is quite famous among those who are in love of good sound quality and wish to have a wearable at affordable cost. Among the top best sellers of this year, Infinity has also made up that is said to have sold about 23.9% of the wearables after the brand Samsung.

Wearables are the next gadgets and tools without which life will seem incomplete for many people. Though there are a number of brand options available in the market that can offer diverse options, some of the brands have been always famous and favorite of the consumers due to their quality, great looks, and the cost factor.


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