Google’s New Android Features will help you Sleep better

Google New Android Features

Google has announced about its new features and few of changed ones in its Pixel gadgets. Not just on the pixel gadgets, Google is also all set to make some of the changes in its Android applications.

With billions of people using Android devices throughout the world, Google has found some crazy yet helpful updates in the operating system. Some of the applications of Android will get these updates so that the users can have better experience now.

Google has worked precisely this time to improve the sleep routine of the users.

Improving sleep

It seems helping the users to sleep properly is the major motto of Google this time and hence it has come up with major updates that is linked to bedtime schedules and better sleep.

A proper sleep helps you in waking up fresh the very next days and staying fresh the whole day. Also, it offers proper relaxation to your muscles as well as your brain so that it can start working fresh again and does not seem to be exhausted at work.

Also, sleeping properly helps in maintaining your systems work properly so that you can have a healthy gut and also a glowing skin.

It has been observed that major of the people stay up late at night just because they are browsing their phone. Also there are a number of people who might have kept the phone by the side to sleep but may wake up as a notification pops up. This again interrupts the sleep of the person.

Switching off the phone may not be helpful as you might miss out some of the important notifications as you wake up in the morning. It may again happen that you may forget to put the phone on silent most of the days and then you keep on spending your sleeping time on your phone.

Keeping these important things on mind may be, Google has found the perfect solution this time to help the users in getting better sleep at nights.

There are three major applications on which Google has worked and has come up with the updates lately that is surely help the users to have a Goodnight sleep each night.

Digital Wellbeing App

The android application Digital Wellbeing now is updated with the feature of bedtime mode. This is the best feature for those who have a problem of insomnia and are not able to sleep properly at nights.

Many of the people are not able to sleep at night because there constant attention is on their phone. The bedtime mode of the Digital Wellbeing app not only stays dark but also silent so that you can sleep peacefully without getting your mind diverted towards the phone.

It also has a Do Not Disturb feature that helps in putting the calls and other notifications into silence that would have otherwise disturbed your sleep. So, you can also use this mode not just while you are sleeping but also while you have put your phone into charging.

This amazing mode is made available on different Android devices that come with the Digital Wellbeing and the settings of parental control. The users can also bring the bedtime mode on the quick setting panel of the phone so that it can be switched on and off with just a click.

Clock app

Google has worked upon the application the Clock app to offer the users with a beneficial bedtime mode that is very much helpful for those who wish to have a sleep without much disturbance. The bedtime mode of the Clock app will allow the users to set up sleeping and waking up times for daily that can help the users in maintaining a proper sleep schedule.

Apart from setting the sleep schedule, the preview of the next day’s calendar is also possible. This will offer you a proper measurement of the number of hours that you have spent for sleeping. Also, based on the hours that are calculated, the users can make changes in the bedtime mode of the Clock app. The application offers a reminder to the users just before the bedtime so that you can know that the notifications from different other apps such as YouTube and others are being put to silence automatically so that you can sleep in peace.

Family Link

Apart from providing an upgrade to different applications, Google has also come up with a new feature and that is of Family Link. This is a perfect feature that helps you in managing a number of things all together such as managing the screen time activity of the kids, in-app purchases, and app downloads. Also, the feature offers the facility of bedtime for the device. This will also help you in creating a proper schedule for bedtime so that the schedule for sleeping and waking up can stay maintaining.

When the time for sleep teaches, the device locks up automatically in bedtime mode so that the kid does not keep on using the phone after that. This way, the only option that the child will have is to go to sleep that will help in creating the bedtime routine. Of course, the emergency options such as giving a call are allowed so that the kid can reach the parents over call if needed.

Sleep is important for you to conquer the world next day with proper zeal. Often people who are not able to sleep properly at nights suffer from a number of troubles such as depression, stress, and fatigue during the day. The advent of electronics is one of the main reasons of why human are not able to sleep properly at nights. Google has found a great solution to bring things into track once again.

The latest updates of Google are based on the bedtime schedule so that the users can sleep properly at nights. The different applications updated by Google offers various features that helps the users in not only sleeping peacefully but also to get a bedtime schedule to bring life into a proper routine.


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