List of things to know about Trai’s new update for your Mobile Number

Mobile Phone

The advent of mobile phones have made lives quite easier and better now as the user can carry the mobile phone so that the person can be contacted anytime and anywhere. It is worthless to mention that how much a person has got comfort with the use of mobile phones currently. Today, mobile phones have evolved into smartphones that have provided the users the freedom of using the phone in a number of other ways apart from just staying connected through calls.

A huge confusion that has recently risen is whether TRAI will be changing the mobile numbers of an individual in its recent changes or not. There have been many rumors and misconceptions that are causing such confusions. Many of the users are getting petrified who have got such a rumor news and hence it is important to get a clarified vision of the actual fact to understand the real picture.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has mentioned lately that it is not going to change the mobile numbers but may make a few changes in the dialing pattern.

The Dialing Pattern

There was a rumor floating some time back about the introduction of the 11 digits mobile numbers. TRAI has rejected any such rumors and has mentioned that there will be no such 11 digits numbering schemes introduced for the mobile. It has mentioned that India will not move to the 11 digits mobile number pattern, rather it will continue with the same existing 10 digits mobile number.

So, if you are planning to take a new number, you do not have to worry about getting an 11 digits number. You will be getting the same 10 digits number that others are using currently. The dialing numbers for all the mobile phone users will be still of 10 digits in India.

The Change in Dialing Pattern

Though the 10-digits mobile numbers will continue and TRAI has mentioned that there will be no changes in the digits of the mobile phones. On the other hand, TRAI has advised that people dialing any mobile number from any landline phone should ad ‘0’ before the actual mobile number. This recommendation is just made for the users who are dialing mobile numbers from a landline number. Other people making calls from one mobile to another can dial the number in the same way as they use to do before.

The Reason behind this Small Change

Though the change made by TRAI about dialing mobile number seems to be quite small, TRAI has mentioned that this is going to have a big impact on the mobile services of the country. When the small change of dialing from landlines with the ‘0’ before the mobile numbers is implemented, it can actually help the numbering resources to a great extent. TRAI has explained that with this small change in the dialing pattern, there can be a generation of 2544 million numbering resources in addition to the existing ones. This is definitely going to help different mobile services in catering to the requirements that may come up in the future.

What is going to be the same?

Now, when the dialing system is changed in the case of the landline to mobile phones, many of the users may get confused about the other options. For this, TRAI has clarified that there will not be any other changes in any other options. This means the dialing system for other options such as mobile to mobile, mobile to landlines, and landlines to landlines will be same as before. There will be no change in the dialing patterns for such connections apart from that of the dialing from landlines to mobile phones.

What Telecom Companies has to say?

The action and the decision of the dialing process were made after having a proper consultation with the experts and also various Telecom companies of the country. It seems that the rumors of starting the 11 digits mobile numbers were true initially. When the discussion was on with the telecom operators, maximum of them were against the concept of 11-digits mobile numbers.

These Telecom companies mentioned a potential reason that the 11-digits schemes will lead to a lot of work from the telecom side such as modifications in the configuration in a large scale. This will also lead to modification in the software as well as in the hardware. It cannot be said that how much it would take and this may interrupt the working of the telecom system initially. Also, this will incur a huge cost for the Telecoms and thus, the prices for the plans and different networks for the customers will also see an upsurge all of a sudden.

The sudden increase in the price and disturbances that will take place due to the modifications in the configuration will lead to a lot of confusion among the customers too. This can lead to a lot of inconvenience for the customers. Many of the telecom companies were concerned about the loss of customers in such a process. Hence, most of them were against the process of change the number of mobiles phones from 10-digits to 11-digits.

It is only after having a proper consultation with the telecom companies and having a scrutiny over the discussion made, TRAI decided to not to try the 11-digits numbering for the mobile phones at present. It made another alternative and came up with the solution by making a small change in the dialing system from the landlines to the mobile phones.

So, if you are have been confused till now whether your mobile number will get changed or not, you should know that your mobile numbers will not change. You should just know about the small change that TRAI has come up with about dialing of the mobile number of from the landlines with the use of ‘0’ before the mobile numbers. Apart from this dialing system, there will not be any other further changes in any other dialing option from any other device to mobile phones.


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