Top 3 Must Play RPGs for Android Users

Top 3 Must Play RPGs for Android Users

Role-playing games are a rend these days. People of all age groups enjoy these games to the core. These games offer you the story-driven experiences on even you tiny mobile screens. You can enjoy being in the fanciful world with the help of such games. Out of any such games that are available to the play store for you to download we are here with the best 3. Here are the top 3 must play RPGs for Android Users.

1. Final FantasyOne

Final FantasyOne

of the best RPG sagas is the Final Fantasy that has several parts. You can enjoy playing the way you want to play this sci-fi/fantasy. Here you need to help Cloud stop Sephiroth in addition to helping Cecil stop Golbez. Besides, you have the duty to help defeat Queen Brahne alongside Zidane. While you do all this, you get to experience the all new adventure. You can literally spend hours playing this saga if you once form an interest in the same. These games are quite space consuming on your device. If you have a choice to play medieval fantasy or say the futuristic sci-fi action, then this one is a perfect one stop solution for you.

2. Evoland


Though not the one with a completely new and unique platform, yet it has all the adventure and fun to offer to you. one of the best android games, Evoland borrows elements from the Legend of Zelda, Diablo, and also Final Fantasy. These elements it use to craft an entirely classic RPG adventure. The concept of the game revolves around evolution of the electronic games. Initially you will experience just 2 colours plus only the 2D character. With the passage of time as you move ahead in the game, you get to unlock new technologies and experience better and more wonderful new graphics. Eventually you get to experience the 3D/HD age, the absolute modern one.

3. Arcane Quest 3

Arcane Quest 3

For those who are a die hard fan of the classic table top games, Arcane Quest 3 is absolutely a great choice. Here you get to experience the best of adventure along with enjoying the role-playing, and experiencing the strategy elements. All these you explore while narrating an epic of revenge as well as redemption. You get a choice so as to create your own adventurer from 10 unique classes while you battle hordes of orcs in addition to the other undead enemies. All you do is in order to restore the honor of your guild so that you can save your people. In this game you get too explore the real-time multiplayer quests in addition to a quest editor. It has all the elements to make it the best game in this category.

All in all, these are the Top 3 Must Play RPGs for Android Users. If you are a big time fame f role playing games then you must not miss out on playing any of these that are easily available for download on your android mobile phones.



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