6 Best Free Android Games of 2018


Games online certainly are a stress buster and are loved and played by people of all age groups. In this section of the blog get to know about the best free Android games 2018.

1. Best adventure game: Plants vs Zombies 2:

This game is one of the best free Android games of 2018, specifically it is the second part of the game of the company PopCap, where our goal is to protect the position, which is a house, from the attack of the so-called zombies, using an army of plants.What happens is that not only will we have to defend our garden from the owners, we will also have to move through time through historical events in order to protect different and varied places thanks to our allies.

In this that is one of the best new android device games 2018, you have to choose many more plants to help us with our task, as well as many types of undead. With this large number of enemies, we will have it more difficult to reach the final levels. Sunflowers and pea launchers are joined by troops who can decimate the ranks of zombies.

2. Best strategy game: Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is a strategy game (like the Clash Royale) in real time between the 10 best Android games, where you can build a village in which the clan of barbarians can live so you can then send them to several missions in which they will be able to demonstrate what they are capable of, destroying enemy camps.
The game is divided into two different stages. In the first one, you have to build buildings and hire citizens, while in the second you have to carry out real-time strategy matches where the skill we have can be demonstrated.

3. Best sports game: Real Racing 3

This game is the third instalment of this Electronics Arts racing franchise. The main difference with the previous titles is that the game is free, although it is full of purchases inside. A game that is among the best current.

This means that when we download and start playing Real Racing 3 it’s free, but when you want to squeeze the game, you have to start paying. At first this is not a problem but in the long run. it is more expensive than any other of the best games for Android.

4. Best action game: NOVA Freedom Edition:

This is a first-person, action game that has a very competitive online mode, in addition to a campaign mode, in which we are going to have to face a race of invading aliens. Is it the best free Android game?

The main story of the game takes us through ten different episodes in which we are going to visit, from Earth, destroyed by war and in chaos, to the city of Volterite, frozen in the centre of the galaxy.

5. Best Platforms game: Super Mario Run:

In the game of Super Mario Run one of the most popular games, you can enjoy Mario for the first time in smartphones officially. The difference compared to the first game that came out is that Mario has solo adventures and should only worry about jumping, standing or changing direction.

6. Last Day on Earth

The premise of massively multiplayer games on mobile is usually not as high as that of the consoles but when they approach and also do it well, we love it. Last Day on Earth has arrived with great ambition this year and its proposal is as complete as it is fun. He knows how to play a lot of sticks and offer, as a whole, a free to play that will hook any lover of zombies and post-apocalyptic.


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