Top 3 Android Phones That Are Large In Size

Top 3 Android Phones That Are Large In Size

Size has always been an issue when we want to buy a phone. Many believe that larger a phone better it performs while others claim that smaller the easy is it to operate the phone. The android has come forth with the handsets that suit the choice of both the groups. There are these small sized best android phones and there are the best android phones that are larger in sized. Here we will discuss the top 3 android phones that are large in size. These are as follows:

Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 XL

Without being unnecessarily big, the size of Google’s Pixel 2 XL is absolutely fine. It offers you the sleek as well as the solid hardware. You will find all the requisite specs inside the phone in addition to the best software. The latter is not only simple but also. The phone has a display of 6-inch having a stereo speaker. The best part is that the phone comes with the guaranteed updates. The HDR+ processing facilitates the best pictures that you can ever think of taking.  The quality of the picture taken from the front and back camera are fine. Also, the battery life is also good. If you are looking for a phone that is bi in size that you are at a right place.

2. Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Another best android phone with a big screen is Galaxy S9+. Apart from letting you enjoy the big screen there is a lot more that the android phone has in store to offer to you. The specs are the best and the hardware features are exceptional. This is a water proof phone offering you the wireless charging. In addition to this, there is a slot for the SD card plus the headphone jack. With a 6.2-inch AMOLED display the experience gets really fantastic. There is no compromise in terms of brightness or the overall quality as well. The camera of the phone allows you to take perfect picture with a high resolution power.

3. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Made up of metal and glass, Huawei Mate 10 Pro lets you experience the benefits of carrying and using an android phone with a large screen.  The top-notch specs lets you compromise nowhere, be it the quality or the user experience.  Also, the Leica-tuned dual cameras are worthy of talking the perfect shots as these have the Kirin processor as a support. There is no compromise when it comes to the battery life as t has the 4000mAh battery supported by an efficient processor.

All in all, these are the top 3 android phones that are large in size. In case you are interested buying a large android phone instead of a compact one then you must buy one of these as these have in store to offer you the best features and specs. These are surely large but not large in a way that looks hideous or is not required. All of these are just sufficiently large.


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