The Best Series on Amazon Prime Videos that you should not miss out

Best Series on Amazon Prime Videos

After Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos is one of the hottest selling cakes in India. Also, it is much better than Netflix, in terms of watching a series along with your family members. With a subscription of Rs. 999/- for a year, this can be a perfect option for binge watching new topics if you are not much interesting in watching television soaps and serials.

Though there are so many series options available, there are some of them that are of high demand and are claimed to be the best series as of now.

The Big Bang Theory

The series that lasted from 2007 – 2019 is now available also on Amazon Prime Videos. If you were about to take subscription of Netflix to watch this series, you do not have to do so now. It was a long-running series that was loved by all.

The Adventures of Tintin

This famous character that is known in different countries apart from India is now available on Amazon Prime Videos. You can enjoy the series along with your kids and can get back your childhood memories once again.

The Affair

The series started off really well with lots of energy and drama about an extra marital affair. Soon, the story lane went through other emotions of sadness and others till the time the graph went downwards a bit in its third season.

The Expanse

Science-fiction series are ruling the current audience now. The Expanse is one of such series that talks about the futuristic life and revolves around a typical mankind taking control over the Solar System. The series has intense level of action and conspiracies to attract viewers who are in love with such topics.

Good Omens

The series is based on the book of Neil Gaiman and revolves around supernatural characters of demons and angels. As the series has a flavor of supernatural powers and characters, it is definitely a focal point for the people who are in love with fancy tales.

The Good Wife

The series is amazing till the end and this is what has attracted many people to binge watch this series now on Amazon Prime Videos too. The story of a wife whose husband is caught up behind the bars due to sex scandal has to take responsibilities of completing her duties to support her family. The battles and the emotions are all worth to watch.

The Grand Tour

The series is a fresh thing to watch if you are bored of sitcoms. Get to know about the reviews of cards and other stuff along with some light-hearted and comedy situations in between.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The series went through great ups during its first two seasons but suddenly found a downwards pattern in the third season. The story is all about military dominance that has overthrown the US Government and captivates women due to falling rates of fertility. A heart-breaking and touchy series based on the classic novel of Margaret Atwood is a must watch series if you are looking for something different.


Well, undoubtedly, Julia Roberts is the main attraction of the series here. A psychological thriller drama is filled with surprises and twists from time to time to keep up the attention of the audience.

Made in Heaven

The series jumped out from the makers who came with the super classic movie Gully Boy. The series is about two wedding planers who realize about different dark secrets of the big societies and families during their big fat weddings. This series is known to be one of the best ones that Amazon Prime Videos has produced as far in India.

Malgudi Days

Another series to relive your childhood memories! R.K, Narayan’s marvelous stories based in South Indian town has a captivating nature for the audience even now. If you have ever thought of buying the book of Malgudi Days to read through the stories, here is an amazing way to see through it on Amazon Prime Videos.

Mr. Bean

There are only a few people who will not love what Mr. Bean does. The character of a full grown man who still acts like a child is the main concept in this series. The series dominated the television from 1990 to 1995 and now it is there to entertain the audience through Amazon Prime Video.

The Office

This is another series that made vibes way back in the years of 2005 to 2103 and now it is back on Amazon Prime Videos with the same feel. The hilarious situations that take place at the office due to different employees and their habits never bored the audience even when there were 9 seasons. If you are searching for a comic sitcom, this is again one such perfect one to binge watch.

Planet Earth II

The documentary has successfully has come with the lives of the animals who stay on this planet along with us. It is mainly a documentary that revolves around the animals of the planet and their lives in a different way.

The Vampire’s Diaries

One of the most famous vampire series of its time is now available on Amazon Prime Video. The season starts with the love story of a human and a vampire but soon things keep on shifting to different angles and new situations can be noticed making each season different and interesting.

The Supernatural

The reign of the evils and other supernatural entities are the main elements of the series. Also, the story revolves around two brothers who wish to take revenge of their mother, who was killed by an evil entity.

Apart from these amazing series, there are also a number of other series that you can binge watch if you have got the Amazon Prime Videos subscription. Star Trek, Shameless, Seinfeld, Psych, Penny Dreadful, Mozart in the Jungle, Luther, House, Fleabag, and others are some of the options that you can have. Just install the application or login to it through your browser to check through the other options available too.


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