Best Nature Apps For Android Users


Nature is one of the vital things that play a very important role in our nurture. We fell fresh and rejuvenated when we are amid the nature and the gifts of nature.  However, in the technocratic era we have somehow forgot the importance of the nature and even if we do realize we are unable to take out time to enjoy the same. In such a scenario when we are unable to take out time physically we can do one thing. We can make use of technology to connect to the nature. This we can do with the help of the nature apps. If you are fond of the sounds that various natural beings produce then we have the nature sound apps that come to rescue. Here we have compiled a list of best nature sound apps and Best Nature Apps For Android Users.

Best Nature Apps For Android Users

There is no need for you to stay deprived of the natural bliss if you have a hectic schedule. Technology today is both the cause and cure of a lot of things. Here also it is science that comes to your rescue. Even if it’s not your hectic schedule but the nature itself that does not allow you to enjoy the nature itself then again the technology comes to help. You might be actually thinking about the credibility of what we are saying. Instead of keeping yourself in ambiguity, it is better to see for yourself and judge the credibility. Here is the list of the best nature apps and nature sound apps for Android. These are as follows.

1. 1Weather1Weather

When it comes to nature, weather is probably the first thing that comes to mind.  1Weather is thus the best app to feel the connection with the nature. This app lets you  have an access to the features that include current weather, the forecast for ten days in addition to the 12-week forecast as well as a radar. With the help of this, you can plan things that include the hikes or say the picnics. Another thing that the app facilitates is the sunset and the sunrise. You can also experience the phases of the moon and fun facts about the weather. The app comes in two versions, the free and the pro version. Though both are almost the same, yet the only thing that differentiates the two is that the pro version removes the ads.

2. AllTrails AllTrails

It is one of the best nature apps that claims to have an access to maps of 50,000 trails. The app also facilitates the access to the trail reviews, the photos, and much more. It lets you search for the hiking destination close to you. Here you will also find the trails that are dog friendly in addition to the wheelchair access as well those that are kid friendly. You can also access the tracking features in addition to the GPS features and a lot  more. The in-app purchases allow you to download the trails to access while you are offline and also help you to get rid of the ads.

3.Atmosphere: Relaxing Soundsnature-apps-for-android

Another best nature app in our list is the Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds. Here in this app you will be able to find numerous sounds that are directly a connection to the nature. These are inclusive of the white noise and plethora of other nature sounds. You are also free to customize your sound. You simply need to add elements as you realize can fit well. This implies that you enjoy the splashes of the waves and also the seagulls in addition to swirling of the trees and dancing of the rain. It facilitates the adjustment as per the intensity of each sound is concerned. This further means that, you can enjoy a light rain or the heavy one, depending on your choices. The pro version might be a little expensive but the free version is perfectly well. You can enjoy all the things by grabbing the free version also.

4. Fishbrain


Fishbrain as the name suggests is one of the most popular fishing apps that is available out there. Fishing is one of the best ways to great a way to connect to the nature and enjoy the feel. With the help of this app, you can have a look at the multifarious fishing spots in addition to what is biting and the popular bait options. You can also get the information about 130 different species of fish. The different community members can interact with one another. You will not be able to find such an app that is god from all the aspects. Though you need t know that you need to subscribe some of the features that have a limited access.

5. Google Assistant / Google Search


To stay close to the nature is not always a tedious or a complex option. All that you need is simply the Google’s Assistant or say the Search apps. By simply raising questions on your queries related to sun and the moon, diverse plants or the bug species, weather patterns, natural sounds etcetera. You can connect to the nature. Be it any sort of a situation, the Google app in general is awesome for all of them. However, to get the best results you need to have a strong web connection.

All in all, these are the best nature apps and nature sound apps for Android. So, next time you feel that you are losing contact with nature you can simply make use of these apps and feel that lost connection. These apps have the capability to keep you connected to the nature. This further keeps your mind cool and also soothes your soul. It is a blessing in it’s own style.



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