6 Best Android Cleaner And Optimizer Apps


When you buy a new phone you are very careful as to how you fill the memory of your phone. You are very cautious about deleting the pictures the extra apps that uselessly occupy space on your handset. However, with the passage of time, this attitude of yours changes and you hardly pay attention towards the memory of your phone. Meanwhile your phone gets occupied by the duplicate photos as well as the repeated emails and also the contacts. This thing over the period of time begins to impact the performance of your phone drastically. This calls for the best android cleaner and optimizer apps. To prevent your phone from undergoing restart frequently you need to clean your phone with the help of these apps. Here we are with the list of 6 best android cleaner and optimizer apps for you.

Best Android Cleaner And Optimizer Apps

Be the number of SMS messages, photos, the games, ringtones as well as the Apps, all consume the significant portion of your phone’s memory. Once the memory reaches the verge of getting filled, the phone experiences things like Screen freezing, hanging and getting untimely stuck. This calls for a clean-up of Junk files in addition to Temp files and the Cache files.

1.Clean Master

It is one of the best android cleaner and antivirus software that helps to clean the memory of your phone of the junk files on daily basis. Besides, it facilitates keeping an eagle eye on the CPU Temperature so that you can cool it by simply closing tose apps that consume a lot of CPU efforts and eventually cause the draining of the battery. With the help of the Application manager that it has, you can have a look at which application consumes what amount of space.


CCleaner is one app that is there on phone of all and sundry. This implies that it is such a dependable ap that needs no introduction. Be it the smartphone or the desktop it works well for both. The app simply empties the cache as well as the residual temporary files. In addition to this it monitors the usage of the resources of your phone that includes the CPU, as well as the RAM. The best thing is that the app is available for download that too free of cost.

3.Startup Manager

One of the best android startup manager app is the Startup Manager. This app detects almost all the applications that begin as soon as we turn our phone on. This includes the own system apps as well as the user apps. Simply deactivating these will serve no help when it comes to giving a boost to the power of the mobile phone for it to begin quickly. There is No root required to install this app that is available free of cost.

4. History Eraser

History Eraser
History Eraser is one of the best apps that helps to wipe the records off your phone. This app help you to clean the history in all the Internet apps that too with just a “Single Click”. The app helps you to get rid of the records that include Google Maps history, Gmail records and the Files on the clipboard. In addition to this, it helps you to erase the Youtube search as well as history records besides the Cache of an app. You can also get rid of the Clear call logs of received, dailed as well as the missed calls. Additionally, erasing the Download history and SMS messages becomes quite easy. The best thing is that it functions without root and the History Eraser is also free.

5. Duplicate Contact & Utilities

Erasing all the contacts that you have accidently saved twice or thrice, one by one is a laborious task that consumes a lot of time. The easy way to get rid of these is making use of the app Duplicate Contact & Utilities that is available free of cost for download. It simply makes a search in your contact list and then delete those names and contact numbers that are repeated. The app also erases the empty names as well as the email contacts that you land up adding several times. Making use of this, you can also import the phone contact list Excel extension CSV , or you can also export the list of files to the PDF or Excel .

6. Duplicate File Fixer

Duplication of files on any of the device or system, how so ever careful you tend to be is quite an unavoidable part. Especially, when it comes to the storage space. These files tend to accumulate in your device owing to multifarious reasons. These reasons include file sharing, file downloading, data backup and similar things. These duplicate files, besides occupying precious storage space also results in affecting the system speed as well as the performance adversely. By making use of the Duplicate File Fixer app, you can locate these duplicate files on your device. You can also select any of the specific folder, be it audio, videos, pictures, documents by simply scanning and go in for full scan mode. Not only this, but you can also take the backup of the files on the cloud servers by using the “Backup Now” option. In case you simply want to remove the duplicate files then you can instantly press “Delete Now” button.

All in all, these are the best android cleaner and optimizer apps. By simply installing them on your smartphones by sparing them a little space you can save yourself from a lot of issues. These will take care of your phones memory even when you are least bothered about the same. So, if you already have any of these there is no need for you to worry. And, if not then you need to download one today itself.


  1. Clean master is crap.
    Its better to restart an Android, rather than being getting fool by Clean Master.
    Also for cleaning Cache, these days mostly all Android is equipped with pre-installed cleaners


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