5 Best Fitness Trackers For Health Freaks


Health is wealth and many of us realize this thing well. So, in this technocratic era where technology is being held responsible for us following the sedentary lifestyle and inviting all sorts of diseases, there is something new. Many of us are using the same technology to get rid of the same in the form of the fitness trackers. Fitness trackers earlier affordable by only the elites can today be seen with all and sundry, the only condition being that they are fond of the same. Among the vast variety that is available today offering diverse features, it surely becomes difficult to choose one that is the best for you. Here we are with the list of 5 Best Fitness Trackers For Health Freaks to cut it short for you.


1. Garmin vívosport


Garmin vívosport is currently one of the best fitness tracker on the market coming with GPS as well as a heart rate monitor. The device is waterproof up to 50 meters and on a single charge you will be able to use it for 7 days. Though a little small, it has a Chroma touchscreen display. The device besides performing the basic functions make you aware by providing notifications from the call, messages, email, alarms, idle alerts and much more. This is available in 3 basic colors, namely, Slate, Fuchsia Focus, and the Limelight

2. Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit has taken the design to be a great deal while composing the Charge 2. More like an item of jewelry instead of a standard fitness tracker,  Charge 2 has completely different looks. The display is comparatively bigger than those of the ancestors it has out there, with .5-inch multi-line OLED tap display. This ensure that you have a better access to the notifications. Also, many new features have been introduced, for your health and relaxation.


It comes with a Cardio Fitness Level that provides you a cardiovascular rating on the basis on an estimate of your VO2 Max. In addition to this, you will find the feature Relax which is a new on-device guided breathing feature. This will help you walk through a short breathing exercises so as to help you to lower the blood pressure. Also, it helps to reduce stress as well as the anxiety though it lacks a built –in GPS. With the battery life of up to 5 days, it is waterproof against sweat, rain, and splash but not exactly water. the several colors besides basic black and blue are the plum, teal, Lavender/Rose Gold as well as Black/Gunmetal.

3. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta HR having the sleek and the stylish design arrives with a heart rate monitor unlike its ancestor that lacks one. The development of a new chip for the Alta HR has played a vital role to reduce the size as well as the number of the components required, facilitating  a much slimmer design. The built-in heart rate sensor allows you to track the calories that you burn. Besides, it has two new sleeping features.


Firstly the Sleep Stages and secondly, the Sleep Insights. Sleep Stages makes use of the heart rate sensor to project the amount of time that you spend in light, deep and REM sleep, and time for which you remain awake each night. Sleep Insights, contrarily, make use of all the data collected by the device to provide you the customized guidance so as to facilitate better sleep.  It has an OLED tap display with no GPS. Though not exactly waterproof but it is resistant against sweat, rain, and splash with a battery life lasting up to 5 days. You enjoy notifications about the text, call, calendar, alarm and idle alerts. Black, Blue Gray, Fuchsia and Coral are the diverse colours in which you get he device.

4.Garmin vívoactive 3


Vívoactive 3 has an appearance of a watch that has both a formal and a casual look.  Not only is it god at looks but at the same time is also comfortable to wear offering a bright and a colorful touchscreen display. Here you will find in total 15 diverse activity tracking profiles that are built in. in addition to this, you will be surprised by the accuracy of the GPS as well as the heart rate monitor. Also, the battery that lasts for around five days with just a single charge is a blessing. The 1.2-inch touchscreen transflective memory-in-pixel dis-lay that it has is waterproof up to 50 meters. You regularly get notifications about the calls, text, email, alarm, idle alerts and much more. The device comes in an array of colours that range from black with Stainless hardware and the slate hardware to white with Stainless hardware.

5. Withings Steel HR


Withings Steel HR is surely the best in the category. It rightly hammers the nail on the head with it’s accuracy, affordability, level of comfort and also the appearance that it has. It can be worn the entire day It has a digital display that has been linked to the design of a traditional analog watch. The device also gives you an access to the GPS. It has an analog display with a secondary digital display. The device facilitates an access to the heart rate sensor and is  up to 50 meters waterproof. If used in a limit then it has a battery life of up to 25 days. It comes in 2 different colors, that is, black and the white.

All in all, these are the Best fitness trackers. These are a perfect guide for your healthy routine. The reason being that these keep all the facts with great clarity in front of you. Right from tracking your steps taken or traveled to the amount of the calories that you burn out in a day, these do it all.



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