How to Write Great LinkedIn Contents

How to Write Great LinkedIn Contents

There are over 500 million users in LinkedIn today, there are 2 new members every second in LinkedIn. Due to the growing use, this platform is turning out to be the best for content writers; this is a great way to get an audience for your company, cause or topic. Presently LinkedIn is the greatest platform for B2B marketers to share content. It creates a more specific and related audience than other social networks which helps to reach target audience sooner. Writing in LinkedIn requires some kind of skill and a person needs to know and learn those in order to excel in it. Below are some guides that you can follow.

LinkedIn Pulse:

Writing your content on LinkedIn is different from blogging. To make people read your content it is necessary to make it easier to understand and shorter so that the audience actually feels like reading your content. It should be shorter than your website blogs. Your writing must be eye-catching from the first line only so that people actually click on it to read.

Website Content:

The content you post on social media or your website should form a part in your LinkedIn account. It makes the process easier as you already have posted few blogs on the same topic so writing on it will not require much effort to start from scratch. The main goal of your digital marketing should be to create a LinkedIn account and post interesting yet shorter contents.


The audience needs something interesting or something which can influence them to read the content. Visual content has grown in today’s market for a reason. People get more interested to know the content when they see videos or slide shows.

Digital marketers know what exactly is the need of the hour is. Digital marketing needs more visual effect by putting pictures, infographics, videos, etc. Moreover, videos make the content easier as they break it down into smaller bits, which in turn need less effort to hold on the reader’s undivided attention.


Mostly LinkedIn is used for professional work, business or website but it does not mean LinkedIn cannot be used as a personal network. There should always be a personal touch to your content even if it is professional content.

The values, ideas, and objective of your brand can be easily channelized by giving the content personal overview. This can be achieved by appointing a brand ambassador who can connect with the larger audience or by giving out the content writing to your valuable human resource of the company.

Third Party Content:

LinkedIn is not a marketing tool or platform to sell your products it is more of a networking tool. By publishing other content, it will help you gain more followers. It will also make you interact with other industry people giving you a larger view and knowledge.

There are many ways to write in LinkedIn and different methods by which you can gain a steady following but primarily you will need good content. Informative, good written contents will get more value no matter whichever social media you are writing in.


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