Tips to Make Content Marketing More Visual in a Smarter Way

Tips to Make Content Marketing More Visual in a Smarter Way

In the content market, the emphasis is more on Visual marketing. The reason behind it is visual content attracts people to see your content and influence them to share it. According to the maths, 32% believe that visual images are the base to make their content eye-catching and blogging is the second priority. This is because the human brain catches visual images much faster than the text, whatever information is sent to our brain 90% of it is taken in the form of visual images as they are more exciting and colorful. Moreover, people tend to remember visuals much easier.

Below are a few tips for making the content market more colorful.


To make your content more visible and attractive marketers use infographics, which helps them to make data more presentable by using charts, icons, illustrations, etc? Using these it is easier to tell data related story. Many tools in Infographics provide ready-made templates.

Create infographic wherever there are facts and figures of data and get a sudden increase in the number of shares and mentions.


Social media has taken videos as the major to advertise or market as the audience feels more likely to see videos than to read contents. Marketers are trying many videos to make an impact on people. Animated videos, Slide shows, web series, live videos, data visualization, etc are all the different types of videos available in the market.

Videos have taken the content market by almost 70% as they are not hard to make. You can convert your writing into slideshows; you can make videos using your smartphones. Make a video of your client and post it, it will increase your brand value by showing how happy your client is.

There are many cost-effective tools available in the market to edit and make your video.


People like the funny one-liners in a picture. Memes nowadays have more effect on people and the audience enjoy it. It gets viral within hours if it is good. Some brands create custom memes to maintain a constant position of their brand.


GIF’s are basically micro videos, where there are 2-3 images, some text and also a text to make it attractive. GIF’s does not take much time to tell the story which attracts the attention of the audience.


Visual contents sometimes are done through a photo shoot with models to show the clothing and jewelry. These types of presentations are done mostly by fashion industries.

Interactive content:

Interactive content is a good way to engage people with your content. Games, calculators, quiz, contest, poll, etc makes the audience spent some time willingly. People like telling and giving their views by interactive content they can actually do that.

Visual contents are the need of time, but with visual you must not forget the text content. Marketers need visual contents as it helps to make a greater impact on the audience. The story should reach properly to the people visually which will in turn help in bringing good outcomes for your business.



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