Top 15 Social Media Sites 2015 where webmasters must share a Blog Post

Top 15 Social Media Sites 2015 where webmasters must share a Blog Post

In today’s world there is so much going on that it is hard to keep track of things. Internet has made it so much easy for us to share information that now it’s a challenge to have our voice heard because there is just too much “digital-noise”.And now it is no longer a game of wait and watch, if you want people to read what you have to say then you must know where you should be sharing and promoting your content. This is because until and unless you have an audience that reads your content, your posts will quite literally have no relevance. This basically means that you have to publish and share your content on a regular basis.

The first reaction that any blogger would have to sharing his content would be to put it on Facebook. But after this they would probably be stumped. Your audience on Facebook can be limited to some extent and if you want to be a successful blogger you need a large audience. The more exposure your content receives the better. Here is a list of some great places to share your content links:

If want some serious and professional exposure then LinkedIn is the right place for you. Join a group that is related to the sort of things you write about and allows members to share content. Once that is confirmed share your writing amongst the members in that group. You would also be glad to know that LinkedIn strongly believes that content sharing is important, so much so that they are working on something called “LinkedIn Elevate” which will suggest content to its members to further share with their contacts. More functionality, related to content sharing, will be provided. #Hint – The tip to getting maximum shares is to post early in the week.

Pinterest enjoys a very active user base because people are generally more attracted towards an image as opposed to plain text. This is the reason for the phenomenal growth of Pinterest as a social media. Having said this, when you are about to share your content do make sure that your image is attractive, the headline is an eye catcher and both of them are relevant each other. This will significantly boost traffic to your content on your website.

The thing I love the most about Triberr is that it really is a “community”. Triberr touts itself as being a tool that amplifies the reach of blogs and it quite rightly does. The idea behind this amazing site is that you connect your website to your account on Triberr using the RSS feeds. After which you join groups, or as they like to call them tribes, and then members will share each other’s published content on their own site. This mutual understanding between the members automatically increase your blog’s exposure.

If you are writing about a special niche, you will certainly find a sub-forum on the topic in Reddit. The members of the site, also called Redditors, have been known to be quite ruthless and will target you if you share an off topic content. If you are able to get recognized as a high quality blogger on Reddit, you are guaranteed to receive huge volumes of traffic.

Bizsugar is definitely the place you want to be sharing your content if you are promoting your blog or small business. It is a great to share lots of things on this website, which is what makes it truly social. Apart from blog posts one can also share podcasts, videos or any other sort of thing you want. Member then rate your content and write what they feel about the content they just read or video they just saw.

So below here, I am sharing 15 social media website links where you must post your latest content and don’t forget to make profile on these social media websites where you should be sharing your content. Just remember that the internet is a vast place and hence you should only be sharing your content on platforms that truly make the difference. Lastly, before you go ahead and press the “Post” button do go through all the content to ensure that it is relevant and of the highest quality.

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