Block unwanted ads on your smartphone with iOS 9’s web browser

iOS 9's web browser can block annoying ads

So, finally the wait is over and the latest version of iOS 9 is here for all Apple devices lovers. Many of you must be wandering about what is so special about the recent update ? Well!! The update after 1 year has a number of features to offer you in comparison to your old version of ios 8.

There are a number of features on basis of which you can make a comparison  between iOS 8 and iOS 9. No doubt in all these comparisons you will find iOS 9 dominating its predecessor. But one very interesting and relaxing feature that will be like by all is that now you can block unwanted ads on your smartphone with iOS 9.

ios 9 vs. ios 8



Intelligence is the first word that can be used to describe iOS 9. Whether it is the dictionary of your smartphone or the vocabulary, iOS 9 has everything perfect this time. The proactive feature of the ios will also learn your particular behaviors and will remind you to use certain applications at different situations. For example, if you have a habit of listening to music while you are off to bed, it will know your habit and will remind you to do so when you forget.


It will also trace unknown callers on your phone and many others. Apart from this you will get a great update in maps. The updated ios has added a number of extra features such as different routes and many others to make your search easier. Also there are a number of features such as multitasking and high privacy security for your smartphone.


This high privacy security deals with a very common issue that maximum of the iPhone users’ face. It will block unwanted ads on your smartphone. Whenever you try to browse the internet, quite often you face a number of pop ups of advertisements. iOS 9 brings a great relief for the iPhone users in this scenario. Now the updated version of ios take ultimate care of privacy and hence will block unwanted ads and pop ups. So, as a result you will be able to enjoy great browsing without any interruption.

browsing without ads

This feature was there already in android and windows, so it may not attract any android or windows users. But for people who are using Apple, all these features along with the privacy security feature are a new bundle of functions that they will surely appreciate.


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