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Samsung -Galaxy- S6 -Edge

“Samsung never sleeps.” With the constant release of some of the most advanced smart -phones within a short span of time, Samsung is rapidly yet steadily putting itself on the top position, amongst other brands. In the last six months alone, Samsung has come up with some of the most stunning ideas for trending smart phones and have executed the same. All the phones from the brand are widely accepted and are often subject to great reviews from the users as well as the gadget gurus and the industry experts. This constant demand for Samsung smartphones is nudging the brand to work harder in producing some of the best trend setters in the world of smart phones.There have been a number of smart phones from Samsung in 2015 been turning heads throughout the world.

 Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been the one setting the trend lately. The number of features in this one phone has taken the market by storm. The most favourable part of the phone that has impressed its users as well as the industry critics are- its attractive and extremely sturdy metal body, great screen, fantastic performance and its excellent camera. Where there are pros there are cons as well. A couple of draw backs of include no separate micro SD slot and a definitely not so attractive camera bulge. Other than these minor cons, the phone is seriously one of the toughest competitors to the iPhone.

Price: Rs. 39240.

The Galaxy S6 is a light weight phone with an impressive 5.10” capacitive touch screen. With a 1.5GHz  octa-core processor, 3GB Ram and 32 GB Internal memory, the performance of this phone is nothing short of sheer beauty. The phone like all the other smart phones launched by Samsung these days comes with a rear and a front camera. The rear camera is a whooping 16 mega pixel whereas the front camera is a good 5 megapixel for stunning selfies. Operated on Android 5.0 the phone has one of the best features a gadget lover could enjoy.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Samsung -Galaxy- S6 -Edge

Next on the list is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The Edge is by a lot of means similar to the S6. The noticeable difference lies in its looks. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has a stylish bends at the tips of its right edge. The best part is this bend in the edge not only ads swag to the look of the phone, but is also functional. With the edge one will receive all his preferred updates and necessary notifications on the edge. Some factors that the phone is getting good reviews for, are- its fantastic, unmatched performance, the original style and its purely incredible camera. The only two things that can be mentioned as a con are- the unavaibility of a micro SD slot and the inability to grip it securely. Other than that, it might prove to be very hard to find a drawback with this smart phone.

Price: Rs. 53400

Ever since the phone came around in March 2015, it has been the talk of town, not only because of the beautiful edge but also the stunning 5.10” capacitive touch screen. The camera to top it off is excellent. With a 16 MP rear and a 5MP front camera the phone is surely un-put-down-able.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

Samsung- Galaxy -S6- Active

Following in the shoes of the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. The phone is expected to have its launch in June 2015. The word is that Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, similar to its prequels, a trend setter in its own rights. While the other two variants operated on Android 5.0, the S6 Active gets a hike on the operating system with the Android 5.0.2. The specifications of the cameras remain the same and so do the screen size and pixels.

Price: Not Yet Announced 🙁

What sets the S6 Active apart from the S6 or the S6 Edge? In case that this question has been rambling in your head, you will be delighted to know, that unlike other Samsung smartphones the S6 Active is a tank when it comes to battery life. So if you are looking for a phone with high specs and a good battery life, well the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is surely the phone for you.

 Galaxy Core Prime 4G


The Galaxy Core Prime 4G is without a doubt one of the best phones Samsung has to offer.

Price: Rs. 9999

With a 5 mp rear camera, 2 mp front camera, 4.5” touch screen, 1 GB ram and 8 GB internal storage, the phone makes for some of the best and affordable phones in its category.

 Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

The Grand Prime too is much popular with the consumers. Its latest technology and features is serving the mid budget crowd with a seriously good phone without having to spend a lot.

Price: Rs. 18999

Running on Android 4.4 and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, the phone brings forward some of the best performance that can be expected from a phone in this range.

In case that you are looking forward to buying a smart phone soon, the above list should prove to be extremely handy. Samsung is conquering the market with brilliant phones in all ranges. This makes a good phone for each one of you there.


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