10 best and free cloud storage options

Best and FREE Cloud Storage 2015

The world is going online. Gadgets and technology are now a very common and important part of the human society. One very important element of this era, thus, is data. You store data and different files on your devices, in your emails, and others. But there can be a situation when your device is not there with you and you are in need of your data. Here comes at your rescue some of the cloud storage options. It offers you the freedom of accessing and using you data whenever and wherever you want to.

Have a look at the 10 best and free cloud storage options of 2015 that will keep both online and offline data safe and intact for your future use.

Google Drive

Google is the most commonly used service by now. Also, now Google has merged up all its accounts such as Gmail, Google calendar, Hangout and many others under one single roof. So, anyone who is accessing any account of Google can access to Google Drive easily.


Google Drive offers you an amazing 15 GB storage with easy features of store, share and backup. This storage space is shared along with all the accounts of Google.

Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft is known to provide the best cloud storage options till date. Better known as Skydrive, if you are using Microsoft account or even a Microsoft Windows smartphone, you will be able to experience this cloud service.

microsoft one drive

Microsoft One Drive or Skydrive offers cloud storage of 15 GB. But there are a number of other ways through which you can increase your cloud storage in addition to the 15 GB. Whenever a friend of yours signs up to Microsoft through you, you get an additional storage of 500 MB. Again if you link Microsoft with your smartphone camera roll, then you get additional cloud storage of 3 GB.

Apple iCloud

The best thing about this particular iCloud is that you can save your documents in this cloud service also even if you have not created the document on your Apple device. And when you are creating a file on your Apple device, you do not have to worry about the storage. The cloud service creates a folder automatically where different documents under different files are saved.

apple icloud

The cloud service has recently started up with iWork that is an exceptional feature for office goers. You may start working on a document using your phone while on your way. As you reach office, you can immediately continue the work on your PC from where you have left on your phone. The cloud service offers you 5 GB storage but you can increase it by spending some dollars.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon is another name that has joined the queue of big names for cloud storage. Though it is not specialized in offering great data related features such as Google and Microsoft, but still it is known for its simple focus on cloud storage.

amazon cloud drive

Amazon Cloud Drive offers about 5GB storage that can be increased to higher capacity if you spend some dollars for it.


Are you not sure of which particular operating system you wish to use? So, here is a great cloud service that is compatible and accessible for all the operating systems till date.


Dropbox with such great feature lacks in one major part and that is its limited storage. It offers only 2 GB cloud storage. But again you can increase the storage through various ways. For every friend who signs up for Dropbox through you, you will get an additional storage of about 500 MB. And in case if you are ready to spend some amount, you can definitely get a good storage in your cloud.


If you think storage is the only issue that you need to solve, then you should think once also about the security of your data. Mega is the cloud storage service from New Zealand that offers you great cloud storage service along with privacy security of your data.

best and free cloud storage options of 2015

Mega offers you with a huge storage of about 50 GB. Do you think you need something more than that? And if you need, then you can buy some more storage of Mega that can go up to 4 TB.


Copy is a new addition to the list of best and free cloud storage options. It has a very simple interface and similarly it is also very simple to operate.  It is compatible with the maximum number of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, and many others. The name of the cloud storage services signifies its features also. To backup your data, you have to copy or drag the file from your device to the cloud.

best and free cloud storage options of 2015

Copy offers a 15 GB initial storage for your use. You can further increase the storage through referrals. This means when your friend signs up for Copy through you, you will be rewarded an additional 5 GB storage. A good thing in Copy is that even the friend who has signed up through you will get rewarded with some storage in addition to the existing 15 GB.


Tresorit is a Swiss company that offers cloud storage and an assured privacy security to your data. They are so much confident about their privacy security that they have kept a reward of $50,000 for who can break through the security of the cloud.

tresorit-best and free cloud storage options of 2015

But again here it offers a very small storage of about 3 GB, but can be increased on spending extra dollars.


Though Box may seem to be a part of the cloud storage service DropBox, but the fact is that Box is much older than the latter. Similar to dropbox, Box is also compatible with different operating systems.

box-best and free cloud storage options of 2015

With great interface and easy to operate features, it offers 10 GB free storage.


Though this particular cloud storage service is not known much, but if offers almost same features that other standard services such as Microsoft and DropBox offers.  It offers 10GB free storage that can be obviously extended later.

mediafire- best and free cloud storage options of 2015



In this world of online services and technology gadgets, it is a nightmare to imagine your data from your device getting lost. In such situations, cloud storage services have come up as a relief for many of us. Though there can be a number of cloud storage options available but if you wish to get the best and free cloud storage options, then you can rely one from the above list of 10 options.


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