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Nowadays android phones have become a very important part of human lifestyle. Presently, like others, you also can’t be an hour without your android phone. So, imagine the situation when you are about to leave for somewhere and phone is showing just 10% battery.

Though now there are a number of power banks available with which you can charge your phone on the way, but to stay away from the hassles, you often wish to charge your phone at home. If you are in a hurry, you can try out these tips to charge your android phone fast.

Charge with the correct charger


Today with the universal chargers, you can charge any android device with any of these chargers. But if you wish to get your android phone charged faster, and then always try to charge your phone with the charger provided to you with the device. Also connect your charger on to a wall socket rather than connecting it to a computer.

Switch to airplane mode


This is the best technique if you wish to get your android phone charged faster. Switch your device to airplane mode and you will find that within few minutes your phone will be charged at least 50-60 percent.

Switch off your phone

switch off

This is the technique that can be used not only for android phones but for all types of devices. Just simply switch off your phone and leave it on charge for some time. Remember to switch on the device while charging because android devices drain out battery maximum during switching on.

Switching off features that are not required

closing features

May be you want to get your android phone charged fast but at the same time you don’t want to miss important alerts. In that case, switch off some of the not so important features such as Bluetooth, Vibrate and others.

Do not touch

do not touch

You want to get your phone charged fast, stop touching it to check each time whether the phone has got charged or not.

Use these tips and you will be amazed to see how fast your android phone gets charged. Also charging your android phone in this way makes your battery go longer way than the usual charging.



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