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Blogging is a rather good option to satisfy one’s passion and also generating some passive income. Writing about something or more precisely guiding and educating people via blogging is sometimes so successful that many opted to be as a full time. Blogging is also a demanding and tedious task as well which needs intense input. Thanks to technology that we have digital assistance with us. Here are some easy to use 10 Best Android Apps to facilitate blogging a lot.


Buffer: Social Media, Twitter

Buffer is designed to facilitate the use of social media. Different social media accounts can be accessed and managed via intuitive interface of Buffer. It is not just limited to facilitate social media accounts access. It allows full flexibility for scheduling the posts as well for different times of a day.


Press (RSS Reader)

Press is another app what I would highly advise to every blogger. It is an RSS client with unparalleled synchronizing capability. Press is gaining popularity due to its synchronization power and simple design. You must give it a try to retain your reader and updating him about you latest posts.



Simple note is an android app intended to store and manage notes on the go. Ideas flash in mind and goes off. It is not practice to remember them all or putting them in a sequence. Here comes the simplenote. It helps not only to store notes but to share as well. We can easily synchronize these notes with other devices as well.



A good blogger also keeps track on the other blogs or related blogs as well. You might come across ideas you would like to write about. But you might be running out of time to read the other guy’s post instantly. Don’t worry. Pocket, an app, makes it easy. You can store here the articles of your interest and read them later even offline. It also stores the associated photos and videos as well.

Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter Free

It is a fabulous app to re-write articles. It takes existing content and write with alternative words. It might seem a bit contradictory that we are encouraging article spinning. But no, It’s not that way. Use this app to generate ideas and to enrich your vocabulary. You will be amazed by the reference you will get using the app.


Squarespace Blog

Squarespace blog is at its best when it comes to blog posts. It was never so easy to make new posts, edit and manage current posts. Its extended capability makes it easy to work with when it comes to arranging photos and videos. Moreover, you will like the simplicity of the design as well.


Blogaway for Android (Blogger)

Blogaway is an app to manage comments made by others on your posts. You do not need to sit in chair whole day long and switching from one blog to another. Relax! Blogaway brings all those threads to one just one spot. You can approve, suspend, delete or can perform any task regarding comments on your blog.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a wonderful tool to track the number of visitors or traffic falling on your blog every day. Easy to understand navigation, real time statistics and graphical representation makes it easy to understand traffic behavior and planning accordingly ahead. The app even accept verbal commands so can be used while riding as well.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker

What really entices a reader is content. More exactly the unique and valuable content. I suggest you Plagiarism Checker app what allows you to know the uniqueness of your content. Even if you awards content writing task to someone else this app quickly checks, weather the work is a copy-paste or a research work.

Creative Blogging

Creative Blogging

Creative blogging is not a tool like app to facilitate the management of your blogs but it is a handy guide. It demonstrates clear in instructions what you might like to follow or come back to refresh your knowledge and take references. It’s worth the time.

Congratulations! You have got the solutions to all your blog related troubles 🙂 :). More importantly these are free to use. That’s the purpose. Rather than poking your head in managing and finding your notes, statistics or other ideas you must use most of your ability in generating compelling content. Good Luck Bloggers.


  1. Hi Purnima,
    Nice to be here after a bit gap.
    This is indeed a great list.
    I am so glad to say that some of them in the list I am using but most others I need to check and use!
    Thank you so much for providing such a lot of information, I am sure this will be a wonderful help to bloggers like me 🙂
    I am bookmarking it.
    Keep sharing
    Keep informed.
    ~ Philip


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