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Smart phones are extensively used these days and are in great demand. They tend to come with the best of the applications which are a major source of help to the user being talked about. App developers are coming up with the best of the applications on a regular basis keeping the demands of the people especially the youngsters. This way using the smart phones and other related devices has become a learning experience. New Apps 2017 includes lot many applications. In fact to keep record of the same, a simple app is needed at times which help in removing the boredom and bringing in the newness.

The list of New Apps 2017 is mentioned as below:

  • Be My Eyes

It is a free app that comes to the rescue of the people without their eyes. It can be downloaded for free. It has a combination of both sighted as well as blind people ready to help each other vice versa depending on the specific requirements. This free of cost service tends to benefit the blind people and thus they are been motivated to use the same in large numbers.

Volunteers willing to do this great task become the eyes of the blind and help them meet their daily needs by shopping for the right products. This way they are able to help them with their daily routine and make it all the more easier for them to sustain in this big, bad world. One can anytime join the group, become a volunteer and help these blind people to make their life worthy and meaningful.

  • DirectChat

One more free chatting app which can be downloaded to meet likeminded people. It is best to go in for the paid version which has no ads and comes with some of the best features which are missing in the free version. The chat heads can be customized as per the specific requirements and personalized needs of the user in question. One can even chat in private without being online thus getting disturbed by other online users at the same point of time.

  • GoogleAssistant

This app is absolutely free but a new app. Quite similar to GoogleNow but a far better app if compared. It is available for all devices and can be downloaded to perform multiple tasks, all at a time. It is one of the best apps to be had in the smart phone and used quite frequently. In fact this app lets the things to be done anytime and anywhere.

The above mentioned apps are just a few examples that are been downloaded by the smart phone users to meet their specific requirements. In fact New Apps 2017 includes a long lasting list which gets upgraded every month and completely changes as the year passes by.

Some other such apps are listed as below:

  • LastPass Password Manager
  • Nova Launcher
  • Pocket Casts

Most of these apps are free of cost but some of them do come at a price either minimal or even at a price.


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