Top Tips To Improve Your PCB Layout


In the tech industry, printed circuit boards are extremely important, and they are found in almost every single gadget that you will use. PCBs make using these gadgets much easier but the PCBs themselves are not so easy to produce.

PCBs are created by a team of people who spend time designing the layout, creating the design and then manufacturing the product. The PCB layout is a particularly tricky part and so we have put together some top tips to help improve a PCB layout. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Keep Your Components Spaced

Our first tip is to make sure that your components are spaced properly. Many people try to keep their components close together as they think that this is better, but it can cause some more problems further down the line. Keeping your components properly spaced will make the wiring and soldering process much easier.

Use Top Layout Software

Are you using the best PCB design software that is available to you? Companies like Altium are great for creating PCB layout software that can make this process a lot easier. On top of this, you can even download PCB layout software for free with Altium, giving you the chance to figure out if it is right for you. Make sure that you are using this software for the best results.

Avoid Right Angle Traces

Another common mistake that many PCB designers make when working on a project of this kind is in creating traces at a right angle. This can cause issues and so it is something which you should try to avoid if you want to improve your overall PCB layout. The best way to design your layout is to use 45-degree angles. This way you can ensure the PCB is not overcrowded with components.

Always Create A Ground Plane

Our final tip for those who want to improve their PCB layout is to try to create a ground plane. In any circuit, the ground is very important, and it needs to be constant throughout the plane. This is often much more effective than having traces which have a high voltage drop due to resistance. Try to always remember to add a ground plane and you will find that your PCB layout is improved overall.


The layout of a PCB is very important and if you are tasked with designing one of these pieces of tech then you should make sure that you are properly prepared. Try to take on board all of the advice that we have given you in this article and you should find that things go a lot better in the future. Try to avoid right angle traces, keep your components properly spaces and always make sure that you are using the best PCB layout software out there right now.

Soon, you’ll be designing PCBs and ensuring that your layout is exactly how it should be.



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