Top 5 Sharing Apps For Android


Data sharing or file transfer from one device to another (phone to phone/tablet, phone to laptop/ desktop or desktop to phone) seems simple but might consume a lot of time in case the file size is large or the device connection is obstructed. Moving the data securely without getting stuck into any limits or restrictions. Developer’s consistent efforts to create efficient software shifted cable transfer to wireless transfer of files between devices mediated through advanced apps relying on strong internet connectivity or WiFi. Initially, Bluetooth file transfer was the only way but because it takes for multiple files transfer and if it is interrupted, the data will not be swapped successfully.  Therefore, installing apps that not only allow an instant transfer but also view and back up the data is a smart outlook. For your ease, we’ve screened Best 5 file sharing apps for Android. Have a look.

1. Portal

Portal is useful for transferring individual or multiple files, and even entire folders at once. This Android file sharing app uses WiFi. Unlike the other sharing apps, Portal does not require a PC side software to transfer files to PC. The PC side is managed with the web interface and is easy to set using QR code. Devices that run Android Lollipop and Portal can store shared files to removable SD cards.

2. SHAREit

SHAREit is the most popular and hand-picked WiFi file transfer app to exchange files of any format such as photos, videos, and even the apps at a speed of up to 20Mbps. This free file sharing and the ad-supported app have more than 500 million users. Initially, the two devices are connected and the available files for transfer are displayed spontaneously. Thus, the receivers do not need approval from the sender to select the files they need. SHAREit is also incorporated with a wonderful media player. It lets you share files to PC by installing a PC side software.

3. Google Drive

The Google drive is not only an Android file transfer app but indeed the most secure option for your essential documents. It is also one of the best backup systems for media files and easily accessible from anywhere in the files are saved in it by its name and content. It offers 15 GB of free storage space and has a strong search engine which mediates accurate results. It is considered as the perfect collaboration tool that supports all type of Adobe and Microsoft files, archive, messages, audio, images, text, videos, and documents.

4. Xender

This is one of the extensively used apps that allows you to share multiple contents among four devices simultaneously just by dragging and dropping. It enables cross-platform sharing between Android, iOS, Windows, etc. It does not require any PC side software installation and supports user-friendly interface. Xender is 100% safe and free from any in-app purchases and ads.

5. AirDroid

This free version app provides all the necessary features to access Android device wirelessly from PC or vice-versa at a high speed. Additionally, you can send or receive messages and approach installed apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. from PC. The striking function of AirDroid is that you can track your phone if it’s misplaced somewhere. It can also backup photos and videos from phone to the PC.

So, if you want to transfer files of varied sizes, install any of these time-saving solutions. Explore your Google Play store and find out these valuable file sharing apps to make them a part of your device.


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