Top 5 Makeup Applications that are sure to give you Makeover

Top 5 Makeup Applications that are sure to give you an all new look

Makeover is one word that is fascinating women all over the world from the beginning of time. From a flower by your ear to a hair do that swept your man off his feet, makeover apps are changing the way that women look at themselves. Android has paved way for some fantastic makeover and make up applications that have grown to be the favorite of most expert make-up artists around the world.

This statement alone is enough to establish the expertise of the help offered by these applications. There are a number of such applications made available to the masses presently, but it is only some top applications that have made their way to the hearts of the beautiful ladies.


The top Make- up Applications in the Android market, are ruling the makeover industry.


Modiface is almost synonymous to the word Make- Over. In case that you are looking for some of the most expert make up tips and tricks Modiface is the app you need on your android device right now. It is smart, it is snappy, and it is free. Yes, it is free…hallelujah!!!

The Modiface is the world’s leading virtual make over application and is being rated the highest amongst all its competitors. The application comes with some of the high end features, including- the finest cosmetics colours, makeover effects, and makeup simulation options.Use your picture to choose amongst different makeup options, accessories and hairstyles. Decipher the best options for you and come up with the best makeup solutions. Choose from 20 celebrity looks or create a look of your own, creativity is the key here.

Perfect 365- One Tap Makeover

Perfect 365 is another highly rated android application that is setting new trends and styles for the makeup loving crowd. Favourite to both professionals and daily users, the Perfect 365 is the best virtual make over application with top class photo editing features. Your selfies will look no less than that of celebrities.

The best part? Perfect 365 is free. The application comes with as many as 20 very powerful and innovative beauty tools that will change your look for the coming days. Use these tools to produce best pictures and looks for yourself.

 Top Coat

One of the latest trends in the market that has been intriguing a good number of ladies is that of nail art. The increasing demand for this trend has also paved the way for limitless professionals to the industry. The Top Coat allows you to sift through numerous professional artists through virtual specimens of their work.

Go through the latest pictures of nail art uploaded by professionals and chose the ones that attract you the most. The application leads you to the most talented and innovative nail artists around you. Use Top coat to make payment via your mobile once you have retained these wonderful services from the professionals.


A few things that a make-up lover will never step out without are her make-up and her mirror. With the Mirror app you no longer have to over cramp your pretty little handbags with bulky mirrors.

The Mirror app transforms the front view camera of your android device into a mirror. This free app actually provides optimum usability, and that too for free of cost.

 Beautiful Me

It is important to keep your skin looking fresh and keep it in the perfect health. Healthier your skin, the better you look. What can be better than an application that gives you regular updates on the health of your skin? Nothing !!!

Beautiful Me, is an advanced android application that provides you with personalized information of your skin, based on the pictures uploaded by you. The app very smartly detects all the different signs of ageing, skin issues and also guides you regarding the use of different hues of foundation and other makeup.

These applications are without a doubt are the top 5 leading makeover apps in the market. Other apps that are in the race of the top 10 include- Beautylish, OPI, Nail-snaps, Sephora To Go, Pretty in My Pocket, etc. These are compatible with all android devices and can easily be downloaded for free from Google Play.


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