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With kids these days becoming more tech friendly than we adults, it is often hard to keep them away from our phones, tablets and other pieces of gadgets. Kids most of the times are craving for your phone, a game or two keeps the trouble makers quiet for a while. But are all these games and apps appropriate for them? Well, certainly not. Well thanks to the thoughtfulness of certain great minds, Google play is now saturated with a whole lot of applications, designed and produced, especially for kids within the age group of two to twelve.

These special applications are not only entertaining and engaging but also educational and quite exercising for their brain. A little bit of research has led us to creating a list of the top 10 applications that you can chose from download on your phone for your kid. Keep faith, neither will these feel like a waste of space, nor will you have to go through those usual guilt sprang when you give your kid the phone just to keep him occupied when you are up to something important.

There are a lot of applications in the application store that you can choose from.

When downloading applications for kids it is important to perceive three things very closely-

  • Is the application age appropriate?
  • Is the game educational or helpful?
  • Is the game safe enough for the kid?

Our team has researched hundreds of applications and have come up with 5 little kid apps, that are without any doubt the best for your kid.

Top 5 apps to download for kids:

Number 1:Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

You have a little toddler at home, who is recently getting acquainted to the names of animals, birds, fruits and vegetables? If yes, then the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app is a great way to keep them focused and help them learn in a fun way. The application is an accumulation of six very adorable games with a monkey in each of them. The central themes of the games include- counting, colour matching, letter identifying sounds and letter, article matching, spotting differences and finally solving puzzles.

Number 2:  Alpha Tots

Alpha -Tots

Having trouble getting your toddler to identify is As and Bs? Well the Alpha Tots application is here to take that problem out of your hands. With robotized puzzles and colorful letters, identifying the exact letters becomes an involving play for the kids. At the end of it, the toddlers learn all the letters, while building robots, zapping the alien space ships, digging for treasures and what not.

Number 3: Peekaboo barn


What are the two things that preschoolers love the most? Playing peekaboo throughout the house and obviously making different sounds, especially animal sounds. What if we combine the both? Peekaboo barn brings the best of both the activities together and produces a great game. Open the barn doors to see animals pop up and make sounds with them. This helps the kids to identify animals and their calls faster.

Number 4: Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

Daniel -Tiger's- Day & Night

What is one of the toughest things to achieve with your kid? Well, making them follow a routine. Following a specific routine is of imperative importance, especially for little kids. If you have a little tiger buddy to help them learn a routine, kids would definitely learn faster. Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night game has a total of eight games that follow different night and day routines.

Number 5: Sago Mini Fairy Tales

Sago- Mini- Fairy- Tales

With the above apps you have already helped your kid learn basic skills, memories letter, fallow routine, but what about is imaginations. The Sago Mini Fairy Tales helps develop his creative mind and his all over imaginative skills. Moving Jinja the cat throughout the span of an enchanted forest will give him numerous scopes to use his imagination.

Other than these there are a whole lot of other little kid apps too that are trending the android application market, such as the ABCmouse.com, Yo Gabba Gabba! Party in My Tummy, Endless Reader, Reading Rainbow App, Funky Bots and a lot more.


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