Top 5 apps for iPhone

Top 5 apps for iPhone

Do you want to know what are the top 5 apps for iPhone?

If your iPhone is missing some of these applications, your experience in the iOS world is not complete. Know the iPhone Apps that have marked the most trends in recent years, make them yours and discover everything they can do for you. Retouch photos in seconds? Know our heart rate while we run? Have a more intuitive keyboard? Learning languages in an easy way? You can achieve all this by just having a look at the following list of top iPhone apps. As every year, we will collect some of the best and expensive apps that we will have on our iPhone or iPad in 2018. The continuous improvements in the operating system of Apple (iOS), and the increase in functionalities and features in the hardware of the iPhone, iPad Pro or iPad Air, have made many applications allow us in 2018 to use our terminals almost as if they were computers.

The top 5 apps for iPhone:

1. CyberTuner:

Adaptation for iOS of Reyburn Cyber Tuner is one of the most expensive app in the world for more than 20 years helps to make professional piano tunings. It costs 999.99 euros with a subscription to the CyberCare service, which includes software updates and personalized support via phone or email. But once the first twelve months have passed, in order to continue with CyberCare services, it is necessary to pay an annual fee of 79.99 euros (if payment is not made, the user will be able to continue using the basic CyberTuner options).

2. 1password:

We do not tire of recommending this app in conjunction with its desktop versions. The best app to manage all your passwords is one of the best applications of 2016 and 2017, and it is also free. It has applications for Mac, Windows or Android, so you can take your passwords securely to all your devices.

3. Adobe Photoshop free:

All the power of Photoshop on your iOS device. Adobe has released the app relatively recently and has already become one of the best in the Apple App Store. This focuses on removing imperfections from your photos and does it really well. You can also change the colour, focus or light of your shot.

4. iVIP:

With this most expensive app for iPhone, you will have all your luxuries insured anywhere in the world you are travelling. iVIP Black will allow you to get the finest deal in any of the companies around the globe that are affiliated with this service.

Of course, all the benefits of this application come at a cost, and it is nothing more and nothing less than $ 999.99. And as if that were not enough, you have to have an equity of at least 1,000,000 pounds to be part of this society. Very easy.

5. Runkeeper:

Performing physical exercises is one of the basic pillars of a good quality of life. If you are one of those who cares about your health and your body, you will not hesitate a second to acquire this application. With Runkeeper, your iPhone 5 will become a true personal trainer. Calculate the number of kilometres travelled, evaluate your daily physical progress, offer specific statistics on calories burned or daily training time, make a strict follow-up on your body weight, keep your heart rate under control, Snapchat is a definite must-have for Boost your workouts and take your sports life to the next level.


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