5 Best Android Emulators for PC 2018

5 Best Android Emulators for Pc 2018

Discover the best Android emulators for PC. There are emulators for all tastes and colours. Some are better to play because they have special functions like a joystick and dedicated keys. Following are the top 5 Android emulators:

1. Bluestacks

Best Emulator Games: It is an outstanding Android emulator for PC that can be downloaded for free. Currently, it is used by more than 130 million users.
It is available for both Windows and Mac machines for free. The simple installation of a single click and simple user interface make Bluestacks a superior application player. To play games with intense graphics, make sure you have a dedicated graphics card installed on your computer.

BlueStacks features that make it desirable are:
• 96% of applications and games are compatible.
• It offers test support for developers.
• Multi-touch input
• Keyboard and mouse integration.
• It has synchronization capacity with the desktop.
• It also offers users native Windows graphics support.
• The sensors and the camera are integrated for a complete Android experience.
• Android-TV support.
• Available Root Version

2. Genymotion

Genymotion is a great alternative for Bluestacks dedicated to test or implement Android applications. It has an excellent quality of construction, along with developer features. You can use the PC camera or laptop for video conferencing with friends.For developers is full of options, try your website with the different web browsers for Android and see the responsiveness.
• It is compatible with all OS: Windows, Mac and Linux.
• Windows of variable size.
• Java API supported.
• Equipped with screencasts.
• One click, with the customizable button: IMEI, MEID, Android ID.
• Drag and install applications.
• OpenGL Acceleration.
• Virtualization of the CPU.

3. Remix OS Player

It is one of the newest Android emulators for PC. It is also the only one that works with Android 6.0 Marshmallow instead Android Lollipop or KitKat. The installation process is quite simple and using it is also quite simple.

Built to play so you will have a variety of options through the sidebar to customize the experience. It is new, so some errors are still being solved. Despite this, it still works better than most and for free. The only caveat is that it is not compatible with AMD CPUs.

4. Android x86 – VirtualBox Emulator

Virtual Box is an open source software that installs the different operating systems as a guest operating system. From the official Android blog, you can easily obtain the ISO image.Once you have downloaded the ISO file you can easily install Android virtually on the PC with Virtual Box.

Characteristics of the use of Android in Virtual Box:
• Full control of components.
• You can perform all actions as in the mentioned Android emulators.
• Every time you feel bored, you can play and try new applications.
• It is easy to remove/uninstall the Android operating system in Virtual Box.

5. ARChon – Emulator with Chrome

Run Android applications with Google Chrome on Mac OS, Linux and any version of Windows. The requirement is that you have installed the Chrome version 37 onwards.


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