Should You Remove or Improve Your Old Content?

Should You Remove or Improve Your Old Content?

Have you been lately noticing that the authority of your site is going down? Is it due to some of your old contents? What should you do next? Should you remove the content or contents completely or you should just improve them a bit? If you make the right move, it will get you a better search engine optimization and better conversions.

The main aim of Google is to optimize the information in front of the viewers. The concept of ‘content is king’ is recent.

As per a survey, there are so almost trillions of individual pages available. Among these, Google has shown up just one portion of the number. So, there are many such contents that Googles thinks to be useless.

The Content Marketing Approach

Just removing old content can be a dangerous approach. But this is also a fact that at times the old contents can lead to the down rating of the site. So, what should you do next? Here are some of the things that you can try.

  • Auditing The Content:

It is important to audit the old content from time to time to check out three important points. Is the content useful for you? Is the content just doing nothing beneficial? Or, is the content harming you?

To know this, you can make use of options such as DeepCrawl, Sitebulb, and other tools to crawl the content.

On crawling, you will be able to know a number of things such as whether the title is beneficial for the readers, is the URL SEO friendly, is the topic still fresh, people coming up for the content, and so on.

  • The Content Quality

Check out the quality of the content. Good quality content should have qualities such as mobile-friendly, informative, shareable, inspiring, visual, educational, accurate, answers questions, original, entertaining, and readable. Low-quality content is something that is not successful because it is not optimized, does not have a goal, and does not have an audience.

Google has provided a good way to find out the quality of the content. It can be determined by E-A-T. This means expertise, authority, and trust. You can check out whether the content quality is good or not by options such as page views, links, engagement, organic traffic, and conversions.

What To Do Next?

There are two things that you can do with your content. You can either remove it from the site or can improve upon its quality. This depends on a number of things.

  1. When the information is accurate, has a good engagement and traffic, has attracted social shares and links, has generated conversions and has ranked in between 1-3, such content should not be changed.


  1. If the traffic is consistent but the conversions are not much and the ranking is just on the 1st page, this content needs an update. This can be done by making it more informative and updated, making it better than the competitors and keeping it on the same URL.


  1. You can have to rewrite the entire content if it is getting low traffic, and has not attracted much links or conversions and is no more on page 1. This can be done by starting from scratch. You need to make the content more informative and also old post should be redirected to the new post and new URL.


  1. If the content is plagiarized and has no such information and has low page views, you should immediately remove such contents.

Thus, making use of such tactics, you can know which content is worth staying in your site and which ones are not. Check properly and take a wise decision to get a good ranking.



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