10 Habits that You Should have Being a Content Creator

10 Habits that You Should have Being a Content Creator

A content creator needs to optimize her creative spend so that she can create the best content in the least amount of time. There are two broad ways of doing this.

  • Either you do things that allow your creative units to get recharged
  • Or, you don’t exhaust them at all by following certain methods throughout the day/week

Below are 10 habits that efficient content creators inculcate to work to the best of their abilities.

The habits are divided into two sections:

  • One for all content creators, irrespective of whether the person works in video or is an illustrator
  • One specifically for writers

For all content creators

  • Prioritizing physical health habits

Content creators will not be able to do their best if not both physically and mentally fit. Mental fitness, which for content creators is the ability to sharply focus on clarity, is dependent on physical fitness. Thus content creators must focus on physical fitness by eating well and exercising.

  • Working in a distraction-free zone for more focus

It is vital that you remain distraction-free during creative hours for attaining best focus. So it is best if you stay away from emails, text messages, social media, etc. during this time. If you make this a habit you will be able to complete more work of better quality.

  • Finding your creative time limit and habitually returning to it

It is important to determine the amount of time you should put in. For example, your maximum time for peak performance when you are editing client blogs may be 90 minutes. This means that you have to replenish your creative energy by doing something else for a certain amount of time every 90 minutes.

  • Organizing time every week for projects

Depending on how you manage your workflow, you need to consistently mark time on your calendar every week or day to produce more quality work consistently.

  • Aiming to do the most creative tasks early

Your mind is usually fresh after a good night’s sleep and this is when you can take the most advantage of your creative energy. However, some people have other times of the day when their creativity is highest.


  • Slowing the mind drastically before a project

Slowing the mind drastically before starting or continuing a project can strongly boost your creative energy.  Before you start or continue, you can spend an hour or so doing something completely unrelated to the project. You need to find out what works best for you.

For the writers

  • Denying writer’s block habitually

People who suffer from writer’s block either do not lead healthy lives, or do not utilize most of their creative times in writing, or are just plain lazy. It is necessary, therefore, to avoid these pitfalls.

  • Just start writing

At times it happens that you are full of creative energy but simply can’t get started. You should compel yourself to start writing about what you know and is easiest at first. Ideas will start taking shape from there.

  • Outline, write. Edit and edit again

This is a simple process that writers have used over centuries. Outlining a piece of writing automatically drives you to organize the information in smaller blurbs. This makes simple the task of arranging them into the most coherent layout.

  • Read daily, including every book on writing

The more you read, the better writer you are bound to become as you absorb all the elements of writing that include syntax, voice, an organization of topics, etc. Books on writing are also an immense help.


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