Sensible Way to Publicize Your Latest Blog Post


After updating your blog with the latest blog post, definitely you will try to get the attention of the audience. For this, you need to give time to publicize it in different locations. There are several ways to publicize your blog. But you must choose the most effective ways of promoting your blog post. These effective ways will help your blog to get more subscribers, traffic as well as comments also.

Make Unique Content

Blog Post promotions 2015



No matter how many blog post you are creating each month, make sure that your blogs are 100% unique as well as informative too so that your blog gets the attraction. In online so many blogs are published in an hour. Your unique and informative blog can get thousands of visitors from different social media.

Use Social Media Platform

Blog Post promotions 2015


Different social media named Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and so on plays very vital role to get much traffic to your blog post. If you post your blog in those social media and if the reader share or tweet or, subscribe your article and for those shares or tweets your blog traffic will increase. Use these social Media properly, your blog will go “viral” for sure.


Join Blog Community

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In Blogger community, one can connect with an individual blogger who is writing about your topic or niche. Triberr, Social Buzz Club, Biz Blogging Buzz, Viral Content Buzz are the most effective Blog Community where you can share and spread each others blog. These blogs will publicize your blog to a larger audience.


Manual & Automated Bookmarking

Blog Post promotions 2015


Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon,, Delicious are the top most manual social bookmarking sites to share your blog. You need to categorize your content based on your subject to share on these unique communities. These bookmarking sites are very easy to manage.

Except these, there are some automated bookmarking sites like OnlyWire, SocialMaker, SocialADR can boost your ranking quickly. These automated bookmarking submissions will securely submit your blog to top rated social media sites (Facebook, Twitter).


Keyword Based Post

Blog Post promotions 2015

Remember to keep your keyword in the blog title for which you are targeting. It is one of the most important things to include in your keyword in the headline. In Google, Keyword based tittle gets thousand searches per month.


Get Optimized Internal Link Structure

Over the last few years, Google has changed its Algorithm. But High-Quality Backlinks are still essential to optimize your blog. You should realize that Internal Link Structure will give you two benefits. One is, Audience will stay on your website for a long period and another one is, the link juice of your blog will increase. So, find the suitable word in your content where you can create 5 to 10 internal links to another blog post within your own website.


Be Sure Your Website Loads Fast

Blog Post promotions 2015

If an audience finds that, your website load slowly the person will leave your website definitely. Make sure that your website loads very fast. Images may slow down the load time of your website. Well optimized images will reduce the load time.

You may be a good blog writer, but due to the improper plan you are not getting audiences for your blog as per your expectation. It is very much worst full if your post only reach to your family and friends as you gave your valuable time behind it to get a larger audience. So, follow the above tips and tricks to get high traffic to your website.



  1. Hi Meha, this is my first visit on your post and I find this helpful for the beginners of blogging. Thanks for sharing this easy to use steps for optimizing images and the use of social media.


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