Most Effective Ways To Properly wipe Android Device

Properly wipe Android Device

There comes a time owing to a plethora of reasons when we finally wish to wipe the data of our Android smartphone. It might be because we desire to hand it over to someone, sell it at second hand price or anything. Prior to handing our phone in someone else’s hand, the must do thing is wipe Android device clean and let it go back to the factory settings. However, the conventional factory data reset is not hundred per cent accurate at this job. Most of the time, even after you have done this, the data is able to survive and gets susceptible to reaching the hands of a wrong person.

Way android devices handle storage

No file gets deleted entirely when you tap on that ‘delete’ button. The file just disappears to make space for new one and is still alive in the background. This call for the need to have more ways, in order to get rid of that data on your android device, that you no longer need.

Most effective ways to wipe an Android phone properly

Though there is not any way yet to delete all the information stored deep don the memory of your device, yet we can make best efforts to render this information useless to keep your data safe.

Encrypt your phone

After encrypting the device in case the intruder gets an access to any information and is able to retrieve it from the device then this information will be scrambled. It will not be in the condition to use. You need to go to the Settings app and then select ‘Security’. Now scroll down and press the option that says “Encrypt phone.” It is easy to do but the steps vary from phone to phone. After you have encrypted your phone you simply need to perform the factory data reset. Doing this will wipe your Android device.

Store trivial files on your device

The details that are stored deep within your phone get deleted only once these files get replaced by other files. This implies that the solution to this problem is also quite simple. All you need to do is feed your phone with files or data that you do not mind reaching the hand of others. This can be the files or data that relates to songs, music, videos of songs, etcetera. The key is that you have to fill the storage of your phone as much as is possible for you. Once you have done this, you need to perform factory data reset once again. This way in case someone tries to intrude your privacy they will get an access to the dummy data only.

All in all, these are the Most Effective Ways To Properly wipe Android Device. This is the best that you can do in order to wipe Android devices without having to make much effort. In case you have better ideas on how to do this, then feel free to share the ideas with us via comment section below.


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