Steps To Cancel Netflix Subscription

Cancel Netflix Subscription

Netflix is currently one of the most popular premium video streaming services having millions of paid subscribers. However, recently Netflix has announced the incraese in price on all the plans that it has to offer. Though many don’t mind this but it is adversely affecting the budget of a lot of people. The latter ones have therefore thought of quitting the services and cancel their subscription.  In this article we are going to discuss the Steps To Cancel Netflix Subscription. These are very easy steps and doing this will not even take much time of yours. All you need to do is get it done today itself so that you do not regret later.

Steps to cancel Netflix

In case you are also one who has decided to leave the services of Netflix then there is nothing much t worry on how you can do so. There are just few steps that you are required to follow in order to cancel Netflix subscription. Be it via your Android or iOS smartphone app or say on your PC web browser that you intend to cancel the Netflix subscription, the steps more or less remain the same. the steps that you are required to follow are as follows, easy and quick to perform.

Do as following

First of all you need to open the Netflix app on your smartphone. Next you need to tap option that says “More” menu. You will find it in the bottom right side of your screen. In case you are doing it via PC web browser then you simply need to hover the cursor of the browser on your account profile. Both the ways lead you to an option that says, “Account”. You simply need to click on it. Doing so will take you to the web page and you will witness a slightly gray box which reads “Cancel Membership.” All you need to do is click on that box. Again you will get to see an option. In case you have changed your mind that will try to lure you not to quit. However, in case you have made up your mind to get rid of the Netflix subscription then click on “Finish Cancellation” box and there it is, your account is cancelled.

Even if you have cancelled your subscription, you will still be able to have an access to your Netflix account. This is only till your billing period does not end. In case you make up your mind to return to Netflix that too within the 10 months of cancelling your subscription, then you can still have an access to your profile, favorites as well as viewing preferences from the account you previously had.

All in all, these are the  Steps To Cancel Netflix Subscription. This is quite a simple operation which does not require much time on your end. All you need is to follow the steps in a sequential manner and there it is done. In case you need help, feel free to contact us.


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