Microsoft Gives You More Reason to Upgrade to Windows 10

ApWindow 10 Appearance as Tablet Mode

Microsoft has a preview of the latest OS they are releasing later of this year- WINDOWS 10. You may be thinking WHY Windows 10? Because this powerful and intuitive system takes you to the highest level of your desktop functionality and empowers you to DO more! Their new features are so overwhelming that you will love this genius breakthrough of Microsoft and you will surely end up fantasizing for the complete operating system! It gives you more aid in your tasks and it offers you nothing but exceptional interface with a minimalist and modernist style.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Now, first feature that you will love about putting up Windows 10 in your PC is that the old left Start Menu is finally back! But then this old system has been improved to give you further access to your PC by making the apps tiles available in one click in your Start button! You can see the Live Tiles on the right portion of the Start Menu screen. It also has a new function of expanding the Start Menu screen that can get you a full window of the apps giving you more view of the personalized information you want to have. This new and improved compact design gives you a better way to check the live updates that lets you stay connected to the online world.

Windows 10 release

Die-hard fans of convertible laptops and tablets will appreciate the “Tablet Mode” of the operating system- way superior than the feature of Windows 8. Because in Windows 10, from the “Expandable Mode” to using the modernized apps you can download at the Windows Store- making it possible for you to take your desktop experience anywhere! Thanks to your tablet and the Windows 10 that is always on the go, making you do more of what you love.

Windows 10 release

The next move Microsoft has developed is the way the Folder Icons look simple but gives you more access on the documents or apps you have inside making it more essential and combining the design with a very useful function! Moreover, the Windows 10 has a more advanced feature that lets you go back to the Recent Files by dragging to the right or by clicking the button on your task bar! Makes it very easy for you to go back on the app or on your recent folder.

windows-10file explorer quick access

Tired of your messy desktop because of the files and reports that you have been working for? Don’t worry, Windows 10 helps you sort the desktop screen because it grants you access to the Multiple Screen feature! You can just swipe or drag to the left side of your desktop so you can go to a blank screen where you can organize more the task you are finishing up.

Use Multiple Desktop In Windows 10

Windows 8 old function of moving your cursor to the left is also exchanged by a more powerful Action Centre that offers you a quick view of the Tablet Mode, Display, All Settings, Airplane Mode, Rotation Lock, VPN, and the Wi-Fi settings! It is now very accessible and will not cause you any confusion anymore.

ApWindow 10 Appearance as Tablet Mode

Windows 10 introduce us to the most innovative feature of this whole system- CORTANA. Cortana is the Windows counterpart of Apple’s Siri but so much better because of the help it provides you but she has her own way of making you laugh! She can search for your queries the same way old Windows 8 does which lets you find even the most hidden folder in your computer. Yup, she is your very friendly and genius voice-command answer provider that is always at your service- impressing you every time. Coratana has the access to the apps, Windows Store, the web, and your files so you can access the document you are searching for.

Cortana window phone 8store

So just a recap, Here are the things you will love about Microsoft Windows 10!

  • User-friendly interface for giving back the Start Menu in your screen
  • A Table Mode feature that gives justice to your convertibles and tablets as well as your Windows phones!
  • Folder updates and more advanced factor to view your recent files
  • Multiple Desktop- to let you organize your scheme and function more!
  • CORTANA! Your very smart and friendly Windows 10 specialist, well she delivers answers to your queries.

Alright, so these are just a peak view of what are we going to expect out of your Windows 10. Just to clarify, this is not only a new operating system that will give you so much output of your computer but it is a brilliant, innovative experience made by Microsoft to deliver your needs at best quality and makes you do more.


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