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reality check of 518 lucky money website

Nowadays whenever you open the internet, you may find different websites claiming that they can provide you with earnings. However, we often find that many of these websites are scams.

So in this case, relying upon a website that actually helps you to earn money has become a trust issue. Now it has become hard to differentiate between fake and real.

To find a solution to this problem, our team has researched a lot and found This online application offers students or the people who have free time in hand a golden chance to earn money without any investment.

Now you may have many questions in your mind such as ‘What is’ or ‘Is fake?’ and many more. In this blog, based on our research and experience, we will guide you on how you can utilize this website at its best to earn money.

What is all about? is a completely money-spinning web-site. This website is developed by a British consortium. All the transactions made in are end-to-end encrypted that follows the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

In the pandemic, when the world suddenly stopped moving, brought a decent way to earn some extra money. The specialty of is that it doesn’t promote any kind of gambles but rather this website runs through a give-take policy.

The policies and systems made on this website are completely user-friendly that is specially designed to turn your free time into an income.

How does work?

It is the most important and interesting part of On this website, one can earn in three ways.

Refer and earn


Play games (Red Env. Chain and Red Env. Mine)

Before learning these processes, we need to learn how to use this website, how to earn with and how to redeem your money, and some more information.

Sign Up processes

Sign up page of 518 lucky money has a simple interface to ease the experience of users. After opening, you can find the

‘Sign In’ option on the left top corner of the website. If you have an existing ID and Password, you can proceed with them. Otherwise, click on the ‘The Sign-Up’ button and follow the instructions.

● Provide your 10 digit mobile no.

● You will receive a 6 digit verification code. ( Don’t share the code with anyone)

● Enter the verification code

● Enter your password

● Reconfirm your password

● Enter the invitation code and proceed.

However, if you don’t have an invitation code, you can still enjoy by accessing the mobile login option. In this case, you just need to enter your mobile no and verification code.

Profile Management

After signing up, go to your profile. There you can find different options such as ‘Recharge’. Withdrawal, ‘fund history’, ‘Security’, ‘Customer service’, and many more.


In the recharge section, you can a 10% bonus on every recharge. Invite your friend to recharge ₹320. You can earn up to ₹380. You can withdraw the amount without any hassle.

Deposits and Withdrawal

In this section, you need to upload your bank details. Don’t worry

about security. The portal is end-to-end encrypted. The purpose of uploading bank details on is to ease your transaction processes.

● You can directly recharge from this website by depositing the money.

● You can directly transfer your earning to your bank account.

Fund History

 Here, you can view the income that you have earned from referring your friends. The more you invite, the more you can earn.

Customer Service: Unlike other apps/websites like, has optimized customer care service to help users. An advanced customer care service ensures its security and authenticity. You can contact them as soon as you face any discrepancy. Experts are always there to assist and guide you.

How to earn with

We have already mentioned that you can earn in three ways. Let’s have a look at them.

● Refer and earn

You can earn a handsome amount of money simply by referring your friends. You can earn 38 UDDT per refer. Whenever your friend signs in with your invitation link, you will receive the money in your wallet and transfer it to your bank account.

● Recharge

You may utilize the different online portals to recharge but you can’t earn anything against your

recharge. But if you use to recharge, you can get a 10% bonus on each recharge.

Play games (Red Env. Chain and Red Env. Mine) has very simple games. There are mainly two games mentioned in the headings. For the first one, you just need to click on the envelope. The faster you can click, the more you can earn. For the second game, you have to create your own envelope and wait until others open it.

Thus, you can make a great amount of money. You can earn up to 2000 daily. The Minimum withdrawal in is rs.1000. You will receive 38 USDT instantly after signing up. The balance arrives in your account in just 5 minutes.

Is world fake?

It is the question in people’s minds if world is legit or a scam. To find the answer to this question, we recruited our team. Our experts have gone through different reports and data. They have asked users about their experiences.

Moreover, we have tried to earn money. Based on our experience and reviews made by the random public, we have come to the conclusion that it is an authentic website. Still, you don’t need to follow us blindly. Use your judgment and then earn with

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned is the fruit of our research and experience. However, if you want to utilize your free time and earn more money, is an ideal option for you. There are more than a hundred videos on YouTube on its use. You can watch them for your references. All you need to do is to learn and earn. Wishing you all the best. Have a good day.


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