How to Tell if You’re Shadow-banned on Social Media


Nowadays, the word “Shadow Banned” is in trend and can be heard frequently. Recently few YouTubers and social media influencers were shadowbanned. Their videos are often downloaded through websites like which help enjoy a wider base even when their fans are offline.

Initially, they thought that their views were not increasing due to technical issues on their content or videos due to technical issues. Still, after searching for the cause, they found that their videos and content were not visible to the people, and their audience received no notifications.

Sometimes sites may be technically down or may have network problems.

But another possibility is that they might have been “shadowbanned.”

Users or Accounts that are shadowbanned get partially converted into the invisible mode. In other words, they become a “shadow” that no one can see.

In this article, we’ll talk more about what exactly shadow banning means and how you can tell if it happened to you.

What Does The Term ”SHADOW BAN’’ Means?

Shadowbanning also termed as stealth banning, ghost banning, or commented ghosting, blocking or partially blocking a user from a social media platform like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., informed to that particular user.

In this, the specific user’s posts, likes, or comments on a specific social media platform would be hidden from all other users.

 Although the user would not be aware of this as their content would still be visible to them.

The motto behind shadow banning is that a particular user will be irritated or bored, leave the site, and be less active.

Secondly, to save other users and accounts from trolls and spammers in this way, they don’t suffer from spam and trolls because they can’t see it. The spammer and trollers won’t immediately start to look for different ways to get around the ban because they don’t even realize they’ve been banned.

And their misleading comments and data which break community guidelines will not disturb other users.

Some ways to avoid getting shadowbanned on Social Media are :

Different social media have their own opinions, algorithms, rules, and regulations on what type of violations leads to a shadowban.

However, some of the common ways are:

  1. Always follow Terms of conditions and services.
  2. Dododo doesn’t post links or copy-paste content that belong to another or is already being published.
  3. Never share inappropriate content as it can harm different communities.
  4. Give respect, take respect. Treat others politely and respectfully.
  5. Do Not use banned hashtags.
  6. Avoid posting about illegal topics like Drugs, Alcohol, etc.

How to tell if you are shadow Banned on different social media platforms:

  1. Twitter

There is no confirmed way by which we can know that someone is shadowbanned. But there is a site that claims that can tell whether someone is shadowbanned or not.

The site is

  1. Instagram

There’s Again, there’s no confirmed way to tell if we are shadowbanned on Instagram, but there are sites that say they can test it. Triberr is one option.

  1. Reddit

To know if we are shadowbanned on Reddit, make a post in the r/ShadowBan subreddit. A bot will respond to us, letting us know if we are shadow banned or not.

  1. Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn

Now for these sites, no link can be used to detect however the users and account holders came to know by themselves as there will be fewer views than other videos posted on their channels or pages. Notifications regarding their recently posted content are not received by their audience, followers, or subscribers on different sites. They also send messages to the particular user of YouTube or Facebook, and through this, these users also understand that they have been shadowbanned.

The users can get back their particular post by requesting their public to go and watch, share, and like their post and try to remove certain parts from their post due to which this problem has arisen.


Sometimes we don’t know that we are shadowbanned due to a violation of certain rules.

In starting, we may assume different criteria, but over time, we may begin to know it.

Precautions we can take to protect ourselves are to be careful that whatever we post isn’t against the terms and conditions of the site and does not directly or indirectly hit the feelings of any community.

Also, we should avoid spamming and trolling other users or posting things that might be considered inappropriate.

A shadowban can be frustrating and irritating, especially if someone knows that they don’t deserve that. Sometimes we don’t agree with the social media algorithm about what is or isn’t inappropriate, or maybe we think we are being constructive in debating. In contrast, somehow, the algorithm thinks that we are acting like a troll.

However, by providing good content within terms and conditions, shadow banning can be avoided.


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