How to Refresh Chrome Book?

Chrome Book

Chromebooks are a grand solution for people who require a small, fast laptop for daily use & small projects. But, like all technology, sometimes Chromebooks run into troubles; whether it is a crash, a freeze, or some number of small difficulties.

These problems can be extremely frustrating when they pop up. But when these kinds of problems occur, what do you do? Fortunately, the solution is frequently very simple; usually, all you need to do is refresh your Chromebook. Here is a simple guide that will respond to the question- how do you refresh a Chromebook?

Problems that might need a Refresh

Technology can sometimes feel tricky and unpredictable. It can frequently be hard to tell what the best method to fix these issues can be; while several problems need a professional technician, some problems only need a fast refresh of the laptop.

There are many problems that might need you to refresh or restart your Chromebook. But, regardless of the problem, refreshing your laptop is the method to go.

But how do you achieve this?

There is a range of ways to refresh your laptop, depending on the sternness of your laptop’s problems.

The simplest method is to just press the refresh key on your keyboard. This key is positioned between the 3 and 4 keys on the keyboard; just hold down this button while pressing the power button to refresh your Chromebook & release the refresh button when you see your machine turning back on.

Doing this must fix most problems with your laptop; but, if it does not, you still have a number of options.

You can try basically turning your Chromebook off & back on again, using the power button or the “shut down” button placed in the bottom right menu on the desktop. This does really the same thing, and might also fix some problems.

If you are still facing freezing & crashing after this, you can constantly try what is called a hard reset. A hard reset is a somewhat more complex procedure.

To perform a hard reset, you must first sign out of your Chromebook.

After that, you have to press and hold CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+r on your keyboard and select the Restart option.

Then choose “powerwash & continue.” From here, you’ll be taken through a series of simple steps that will allow you to sign in to your Google Account again and set up your Chromebook again.

This must only be a last resort though, and you must be careful to back up your Chromebook beforehand.

Where is the Refresh Button on a Chromebook?

If your Chromebook slows down a lot or freezes frequently, the refresh button can be very useful in this situation as it refreshes the system. But many times some people cannot find this button or do not use it properly, if you are also unable to find the button on your laptop, then we will help you here.

Well, being a Windows user, you might be familiar with the Refresh feature. However, the refresh system in Chromebooks is very different as Chromebooks have their own built-in refresh button. If you don’t know where the refresh button is located, read on.

Location of Refresh Button on Chromebook

The refresh button depends on your Chromebook. Most Chromebooks have a refresh button, the fourth button from left to right in the top row of the keyboard.

Another easy way to identify it is this refresh button is labeled with a circular arrow icon.


At present, whenever you feel that your chrome book is hanging or has become very slow, just use the refresh button to get back to the original speed. By the way, there are many ways to refresh your Chromebook, about which we have told you here If you desire to refresh your Chromebook, just press your Chromebook’s Refresh key. The refresh key is also used for some other functionalities such as resetting or power washing the Chromebook.


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