Instagram Not Loading, No Problem Here are Some Quick Tips to Fix

Instagram Not Loading

Instagram is the leading photo-sharing platform on the Internet & has become the exclusive social media site used by people who choose to convey themselves with pictures rather than words. While using Instagram, you might experience various problems like Instagram music not working, videos not playing, Instagram not loading pictures, etc. Due to some reasons, you might encounter Instagram pictures, not loading problems in the Feed or on your profile.

If you’re experiencing this dilemma, just follow the tricks below to fix Instagram not loading pictures or videos on iPhone and Android. Here we show you the major reasons Instagram is not working & how you can fix it.

Check If Instagram Not Down

Next, you should check whether Instagram is down for everybody. A revealing sign of servers being down is when you get the “5xx” error or your Instagram feed doesn’t open.

You can take the help of a third-party status checker, such as Down Detector, Is It Down Right Now? Or Outage Report. Enter the Instagram URL & it’ll confirm you know whether Instagram is down with messages like “Possible troubles at Instagram” or “Problems at Instagram.”

Update Your Phone Operating System

Well, Android is not supposed to good when it’s come to receiving OS updates on time from different phone makers. Except when you are using a customized OS like OxygenOS or possibly MIUI where updates are pushed and accessible as soon as possible. So if you are also having a problem loading the Instagram application tries to check your Android OS version or look for an update.

Try to Log into a Different device

One more process to see if you’re facing a problem on your end or on Instagram is to try logging into your account on a different device. If it still doesn’t work, then it’s likely a problem on Instagram’s end. But if you can log in on that device, you can be sure that it’s a problem with your device.

Check Your Internet Connection

When you are facing the problem of images or videos not loading on Instagram or other social media apps, the first thing you should do is check your internet connection. Check whether your mobile is connected to active internet or not. If your device is not connected then Instagram will not load on your device. Note that Instagram photos may not load due to a weak Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Make sure Instagram is up to date

If you haven’t updated your apps in a while, Instagram might be misbehaving just because the app is out of date. It’s an excellent idea to leave automatic updates turned on — you can turn on automatic updates on your iPhone or update apps on your Android.

Check Instagram Status

One more method to fix Instagram not loading pictures is to check the Instagram status. Visit the DownDetector site, look for Instagram & check if it has issues or faces face an outage. If not, carry on to the following steps.

Try Instagram web

Open your browser on a PC or Smartphone, & check if Instagram is loading or not on it. If it is working well, you can use it from there provisionally. You know, like a fast fix? If it is not loading, then the difficulty may not be on your end at all. Read the following point for more details in that case.

Clean Cache Data

Old data & cache files can mess up how an app works and behaves. Removing these files won’t have some effect. You will need to sign back in. Open Settings & tap on Manage apps & search and run Instagram. Tap on Clear data at the bottom and choose clear all data and Clear both.

Give Proper Application Permissions

If you want to give proper permissions to your application then you have to go back to where you cleared the cache and you will see the application permissions here. Now check one by one whether all the permissions have been given to the application or not.

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

Sometimes Instagram application crashes can also happen due to a bug, that’s why you have to reinstall your Instagram application, this will refresh your cache memory and the application will not crash.

Turn Off VPN

Check whether you have not enabled any PIN service on your mobile because many applications do not work properly due to PIN service. Instagram is also one of those applications, if you are using VPN, then try to close the VPN and reload the Instagram application, your problem may be over.

Disable Less Mobile Data on Instagram

By default, the Instagram application preloads videos. When you experience an Instagram loading problem mainly when Instagram is not loading videos, you can stop low mobile data mode.

Background Data Restrictions

Instagram needs to be connected to the Internet to always update your feed, send/receive messages, & show you notifications about your post. For Instagram to run continuously, you need to ensure the background data is not limited.

To make sure it’s not restricted on Android go to Settings then go to “Apps -> Find Instagram -> check Mobile data & Wi-Fi.” Now you have to set the “Background data” toggle to on. This ensures Instagram has access to the web while it runs in the background.

Check Your Phone’s Storage

If there is less space in your mobile then you may also face the problem of Instagram not loading. That’s why keep checking the storage of the mobile from time to time.


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