Facebook Messenger Update – Changes in sharing location info


Facebook Messenger is now not only a messenger application but has turned into fun and information application. The application is having now frequent updates every now and then, offering you surprises every time. The latest update of Facebook Messenger has also come up with such a change that is going to offer you a great feature.


The location info feature of Facebook Messenger must have been of great use and help to you. While chatting with your friend, you just have to turn on your location by clicking on the blue arrow button at the bottom. Now Facebook Messenger has come up with an update according to which you can send locations to your friends in detail in the message as a pin point on the map. You can send your present location or can also select a location from the map and can send to your friend.

The new updated Facebook Messenger will have a new feature of three dots at the bottom of the messenger. This special symbol consists of some extra features that the updated Facebook Messenger has to offer you. Just click on this symbol, select the option location info and then select the location from the map and send it as a message to your friend.

sharing location

Facebook Messenger has recently emphasized that the location information of the messenger user cannot be shared constantly. It is only when you turn on the location button when your friends can see your location. Also to make this even more secure, according to the recent update, your friends can only notice your location or some other location when you will send them.

But this particular location info update is said to be a server update rather than an app update. The update can be used by the Facebook Messenger users in android as well as ios. The Facebook Messenger update has not yet reached India but it is hoped to reach quite soon. But the recent update can help you to keep your location secured.

tracing location

Last month a student from the Harvard College, Aran Khanna has come up with an amazing option of tracing out your friend’s location. But it can be only possible if the friend has turned on the location info option on the messenger. He came up with a chrome extension known as Marauders Map, through which you can trace the location of a friend with whom you have recently chatted and who has his or her location info turned on.

Marauders Map

But recently, Facebook has not only stopped the location info display option but also has blocked access to APIs. This is a perfect security option now.


  1. Yes, the update to Facebook Messenger will now let users share their location, or any location around the globe, as a pin drop on a map in a separate message, and the app no longer has the option to constantly share location information.


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