5 Best Video Editing Tools TO Adobe Premier in 2017


5 Best Video Editing Tools TO Adobe Premier in 2017

 5 Best Video Editing Tools TO Adobe Premier in 2017, you ask? Adobe premiere has stood the test of time due to its cool features as well as unique details that make it easy for an editor looking forward to high quality videos. However,Adobe is a subscription-based tool that is expensive for entry level beginner and professional, hence a call for best video editing tools alternatives.  Whether your project is a multi-million dollar such as TV shows or for small scale YouTube videos, we all need power to manipulate light, color and sound to create dazzling effects, and there are best video editing tools for that.


There are so many video editing tools

available in the market, most of which are presumably efficient, but that does not make them best video editing tools. The question of which is the best alternative for Adobe premiere comes second after how do you choose a video editing tool? What do you look for when selecting a video editing tool? Only when you find the answer to the latter question will you find the answer to the first.

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It is in this post that I will help you to know the qualities to look for when selecting a video editing tool, and later on give you the five amazing video editing tools as of now.

Choice of a video editing tool- what to look for

when choosing the best video editing tools, have the following in mind:

Your pocket

Whereas it might look almost irrelevant, how much money you have determines what you buy. From this perspective, $60 will give you basic video editor with limits on output types and give you less features. If you are in for a quality video editor, $100 and above is the way to go. You will get fully equipped products with a huge range of features for a smooth editing process.

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The user interface

Most video editors pack come with a whole bunch of features and capabilities and at times make it a challenge for the designers to maintain a simple interface while allowing access to advanced settings and control. Be on the lookout for an editor with simple interface.

Input format

You do not want to buy a video editor only to find out it is not compatible with your source file. It is therefore important to be sure of exactly what video file format you will be using, depending on the source file or the device you will be using to record video.

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Editing tracks

This refers to the number of tracks available when you are editing. Needs depend on the complexity of your project. If editing a music video for instance, you will need a track for album tittle, another for subtitles and so forth. Whereas this is low priority as most come with infinite tracks, it is an important aspect to check.


It is a rule of thumb for any editor- no great video ever had awkward transitions. In fact, a good video involves no transition at all. This means no twisting and twirling of images in between shots. Chose a video editor with a cross-fade or dissolve so as to ensure smooth transition from one to the next.

Software stability

Imagine buying your desired video editor, only to find out it is not compatible with your device. Even for the best video editors, you should check to find compatibility with the device you will be using it on. Remember to also check the minimum requirements of the software against the specifications of your device.

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That being said, here is a helpful list of five other options besides Adobe premier

1.Director suite 5

The quality of video offered by the four award winning application- power Director,15  color Director 5, Audio Director 7 and Photo Director 8  makes it among the best video editing tools.  The four are a complete set of what a modern video editor is likely to need. The amazing features at your disposal make it easier to edit videos smoothly.

The good.

  •         Real color enhancement

Director suite 5 is your third eye. It has great color enhancement that intelligently scrutinizes video footage and optimizes hues and vibrancy. Even in its adjustments, it still protects the skin tone from distortion, keeping your video real and natural.

  •         Enabled video creator

This video editing tool acknowledges that gone are the days when mobile could not take high quality videos. The new design is optimized for video shot on mobile so you can get rid of the sore black bars when you load footage. This means you can it for editing mobile videos and come up with five-star videos

  •         Capture still photos from video

That’s right. The new feature enables you to capture razor-sharp still images from your videos which you can use to create mind-blowing images.

  •         Pitch distortion

The pitch bender feature allows you to transform and manipulate pitch of an audio to your desired effect. Multi-tracking mixing is also available. Be it horror or melodic, the effects are there for you to choose from.

The Bad

  •         It has a limited template pack
  •         Watermark appears at the beginning of produced video for five seconds
  •         Importing and producing H.264 video files is only supported on windows 10/8.1/7 systems or hardware platform offering independent H.268 encoding and decoding.

Price: $159.99

    2.Final cut pro

Among my favorite in the list of video editing tools  is Final cut pro. It is neither the fact that it provides non-linear video, nor the  non-destructive editing but it can edit any quick Time- compatible video format including Dv, HDV, 2K, 4K and 5K film formats that makes it impressive. It has been the best choice for multimedia journalists using apple computers for many years now.

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The good

  •         Superior HD video capability

The final cut pro is designed to create HD videos of superb quality. Importing the HD video is done with ease as you can do it straight form your camera. You can create the HD video from any media that supports the format. The unique feature comes in handy when looking for an HD video editor that blends in quality and flexibility, hence making it among the best video editing tool.

  •         Precise light and color correction

It is obvious that the shooting surroundings are not always favorable, hence the need for the best video editing tools. With Final cut pro, you can adjust and correct problems that relates with color and lighting. You do not have to worry about gloom atmosphere as you can create any effects for a perfect video  with natural appearance, or give it a whole new look.

  •         High user support Base

Buying this video editing tool gives you lifetime access to the highly acclaimed customer support. They also have a user base that is quite friendly. It is almost impossible to forget their unique forums that enable newcomers learn and interact with experienced users hence ask for clarifications or a solution to a problem encountered if any. This makes it an alternative for Adobe Premiere.

  •         Commercial quality DVD authoring

Once done with editing, you can opt to easily export the video project to Apple DVD studio pro, create and release high quality DVD release. The amazing bit is that all this takes just a few minutes of your time.

The bad

  •         It does not automatically import media from motion such as DVD and studio pro projects. This is a huge limitation since you will need to upload all related files manually.
  •         The Final Pro server does not edit video or allow multi-user access to the same FCP project.

Price: $230

3.Pinnacle studio ultimate 20

There are so many reasons why Pinnacle studio 20 ultimate is among the best video editing tools  choice from Adobe premiere. It is not just the new morph transitions or the wide angle lens correction. The audio ducking is also a reason not forgetting the split camera video that makes it more unique than Adobe premiere.

The good.

  •         Screen recording software

Pinnacle studio 20 ultimate has made it easy to capture and edit tutorials. If you are into how-to videos, then this is the best video editor for you. You can record a video on screen and edit it immediately. The screen has high resolution for clear pictures and precision.  You can even save completed projects as templates for future use.

  •         Split screen video and paint effects.

The editor allows you to show multiple video streams simultaneously. It is as easy as dragging and dropping the videos to create a desired information. Explore your creativity with this new feature by painting video-motion animation and be among the stars in animation editing. The filters allow you to add cartoon or add watercolor-like stylized effect, a comparative tip to Adobe Premiere.

  •         New Blue FX

The 100 presets in 10 plugins is a new feature. Add emphasis to your video story with structure focus and color. It also has Direct online sharing, creating contrast with Adobe Premiere.

The bad

  •         Has some interface irritations
  •         Has a slow rendering performance than Adobe premiere
  •         It has no free trial version

Price: $130

4. Hit film pro

many film makers consider it the best among video editing tools. More than one million film makers have made movies with Hitfilm pro since it is both an editor and a composer. Amazingly, it can edit video of any length from one hour long to thirty seconds long, according to your preference.

The good

  •         High fidelity

 It not only gives you a taste of the greatest graphical fidelity on high quality codecs such as ProRes but also allows you to import footage from almost any source and resolution. It is among my favorite as it supports 8K UHD.

  •         Visual Effects

Hitfilm pro is the best video editing tool, the only that you can make smoke rise and cities fall. It is designed to allow 2D and 3D layers interact with each other in one unified space.  All in all, all this Is done to create imagination but maintain realism at the same time.

The bad

  •         Rendering is restricted to 1080mp
  •         No support for openFX plugins

Price: $314

5.  Magix Movie EDIT Pro premium

Closing the list the best video editing tools. It comes with guaranteed easy operations for deluxe results. Quality of video is assured with Magix Movie Edit pro premium, as is with Adobe Premiere.

The good.

  •         Amazing intuitive storyboard.

With this tool, you are able to select only the best scenes and join them seamlessly using transitions- need I say effortlessly? You can even add music to your video as well as voice over for a narrative video. There is no limitation. The tool is friendly and easy to use, therefore  a sure way for beginners.

  •         Mercalli Image stabilization

When you have that shaky video scene, then no need to worry. ProDADMercalli V2 lets you rescue the shaky video footage and transforms it to stable video as if it never happened. This feature helps you fix problems when filming.

The bad

  •         It is just as worthy as its competitors. The best way to go.

In conclusion, choosing a video editing tool that is equally effective like Adobe Premier or an alternative can be tricky, but the above are verified and are sure to produce results.



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