8 insane prank apps for android and iphone in 2017 that you should have. The features are amazing and will definitely give you best pranks.Playing pranks on your friends can be fun. Whether you want to make them smile or scare them a little, the look on their face is always priceless. Giving them a little bit of your sense of humor as well as a pinch of crazy will have positive effects. Which is why before the end of 2017, prank them with this insane prank Apps for Android and iphone phones. What better way to do that than with these prank apps?

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8  INSANE  PRANK APPS FOR ANDROID AND IPHONE 2017 insane-prank-apps-for-android-and-iphone-2017


Ever wondered how your friend looks when they are really scared? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore. The scare prank app got you sorted! The prank app is designed with images that are sure to scare just about anyone. There are loads of images to chose from to suit your intentions. How does it work?

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Give your friend your phone and ask them to play this new game. While your friend waits for it to load, the prank app will unexpectedly flash a scary image and freak them out. That’s right- they will never see it coming. In addition, your front camera will do the honors of filming the entire time. Cruel? Yeah, that’s why it is insane.


With the advanced lie simulator, you can put your friend in a hot seat. Make them believe your app can detect any lies they make. You know how you can convince them. Pre-set the questions and chose answers you need the app to show you, but in the right order. I suggest you put the first two as personal questions you both know an answer to. Then ask them to lie. Since you had pre-set the answers, the lie will be detected.

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The prank app will require them to place their finger on the screen to ‘scan’ for truth. This prank app will leave your friend mesmerized- until they find out it’s a prank.


‘ you are under arrest are words all drivers fear. They tend to panic when they hear siren behind them as it indicates cops tailing behind which could lead to arrest. Ever wished you could prank a driver into believing there is a cop behind? Well your wish have come true with the police siren app. The app configures siren sounds like those of a police. Dangerous, right? Exactly why I said it is an insane prank app.


No one likes to hear the sound of a broken phone, let alone see. With the broken screen prank app , you can create an illusion of a broken phone. The prank app supports four cracked glass effects. To make the prank more convincing, shutter glass sound plays when it enables the effect. Your phone will appear cracked when the screen is touched or device is shaken.

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Watch the look on your friend’s faces. If you can, lead them to the phone. Convince them it is their fault the screen has cracked.


Giving bad news about someone’s car can be shocking on the receiving end. What if you could actually convince your friend that their car is on fire? You would need proof, right? Dude your car prank app will give you the proof. Simply take a picture of your friend’s car. The prank app enables Photoshop. Add dents, scratches and more. if you want to scare them more, put the car on fire through the prank app. Then send them the photo. Sit, relax and wait for their reaction.


We all have those dream calls that never come true. If only you could receive an important, almost impossible call from a prominent person. Well, the fake call makes it possible. Download the prank app and send yourself a fake call from an unexpected person. Watch your friends gasp as they watch the amazing caller on the screen. To spice it up, excuse yourself to pick the important call.

Here are few suggestions for caller ID:

  • The president
  • Shah Rhukhan
  • Beyonce
  • The senator



You know what can be scary?  You and your friends sitting in a room watching your favorite channel, and then all of a sudden the TV switches to another channel without the use of remote. Some can even jump out. To make it scarier, increase the frequency of switching channels. Want to annoy them? Increase volume as well.

Simply download the prank app, sync the app to the TV box, and use your phone as a remote.


Lastly, if you have a friend who fears spiders, make them jump with the spider on the phone prank app. It contains animations that are not only realistic, but also scary. It is 9 megabytes large and supports all versions of Android.

Insane prank apps make pranks easier and fun. How far you can go depends fully on you. The degree of effect depends fully on your choice of prank apps. The above eight are the way to go if looking for prank apps to shock, scare or horrify.





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