5 Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners In India 2020

5 Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners In India 2020

Gone are the days when we had to put in a lot of effort to clean and mop the floors at our house and offices. Today is the era of advanced automatic robots designed specifically to clean the house and reach even the corners that are hard o approach manually. These silent and portable home appliances are a must-have in today’s era where we all have a hectic schedule to follow. Here we are with a list of 5 Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners In India 2020 :

1. iLife X620 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iLife Robot vacuum cleaner is not only an answer to the hard floors but also to the thin carpets. This is a three-in-one cleaner containing multiple brushes that are helpful at cleaning the corners. The appliance is supportive not only of cleaning the dry floors but also of wet mopping. You can use the remote control to use the appliance that comes with an infrared obstacle sensor, a virtual wall, and a tempered glass covering. The accessories that come handy with the machine include side brushes, turbo brush, and V-brush. The appliance comes equipped with a 300ml Water Tank.

2. PureClean PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

PureClean PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a self-programmable automatic cleaner that works well not only on the hardwood or the laminated floors but also on the carpets. There is no clogging of any sort owing to the presence of dual rotating sweepers as well as high power suction. Other amazing features of the appliance include a HEPA filter, automatic recharge dock, cliff sensor, and single-touch activation. Another amazing feature of the device is the washable dust filters and cleaning path navigation.

3. PureClean PUCRC26B.5 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

PureClean PUCRC26B.5 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner is well known for its battery life as well as the effective obstacle climbing facility in just one-touch power up function. It is well equipped with HEPA Filters, Cliff Sensors, and Bumper Sensors. Apart from this, it comes with Dust Filters that are replaceable. This sleek cleaner can even clean the corners of your sofa and bed without the machine colliding with any obstacle in the path.

4. PureClean PUCRC25 Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This particular device is not only efficient but also affordable equipped with almost all the programming features necessary for climbing obstacles. With the built-in edge sensors, the device successfully protects itself against any sort of damage. Other features that the appliance has to include Anti-Fall Stair Sensor, Removable Dustbin, and 1200 Pa Suction Power.

5. ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

With the dimensions of 33.2 x 33.2 x 7.9 cm, the appliance weighs 4.75 Kg and comes with a Smart App Control. The appliance is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. Cleaning Time Scheduler, Soft Cushion Bumpers, Anti-Collision System, and Multi-Mode Cleaning are some of the amazing features that the device offers.

All in all, these are the 5 Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners In India 2020. These are all available readily in one of the appliance stores close to your house. Also, there is an option to buy these online. The best part is that these are available for purchase at a very pocket-friendly price range.


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