5 best Android Phones Under 20000 in 2018

best Android Phones Under 20000 in 2018

Having a good performance and specifications that measure up for little money is a great challenge that many want to face but where few end-up succeeding. There is a lot to choose from and in 2018 it has been difficult to make our selection of the best phone under 10000.

For many, the clear winner of this year was the Xiaomi Mi A1, followed very closely by the models of the Lenovo Moto G5 series. They are not the only interesting options to buy a mid-range that combines good price with excellent performance and one of the best phone under 20000.

1. Xiaomi Mi A1, Android One, double camera and an unbeatable price:

We started our list of recommendations in the mid-range with an Android that we mentioned on many occasions. Metal body, double camera, Android with just customisation, upgrade to Oreo on the way and excellent performance. Little more can be asked to a mobile for the Rs 13000 that is worth in India. If you are going to try to get it by this time it will be complicated, the stock is sold out in many places and some stores are selling it at its original price.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, affordable, complete and with a range for those looking for hours of use:

A mobile that by price would enter the range of entry but that by specifications and set deserves to be in the best of this category in 2018.The cheapest of the list with competitive specifications and a high capacity battery that in the day to day it translates into autonomy to endure without having to resort to a plug before it is at night. A good year for the Chinese manufacturer.

3. Lenovo Moto G5s Plus, the classic king of the mid-range continues in very good shape:

A classic line of mobiles in the lists of the best mid-range. In this article, we have opted for the G5s Plus model for all its features and what it offers as a terminal. It is the most powerful brother of all G5 this year and will also receive an update to Oreo shortly. For original price, we would leave the hairpin we have defined but you can find it in online stores for among best android phone under 20000.

4. Samsung Galaxy A3, the small of the list for those who want a small Android:

Before we said that there were few options in the mid-range that offered a small screen. In this year the best option within the phones of modest specifications is the Galaxy A3 of 2018. It left at the beginning of the year at Rs9000 but thanks to the discounts that it has lived in these months it falls within the price band that we have defined. For Rs8000 is a good option.

5. LG Q6, the proof that the spectacular design is not something exclusive of the high-end:

Another ambitious mobile with better specifications than many mid-range but with a rather high price that made it stay in no man’s land. Over time it has suffered several reductions and now we can have it for Rs11,700 on Amazon. A very good option that we should not overlook in this range.


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