Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x Launch – A Valentine’s Day bonanza you’ve been waiting for


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x Launch – A Valentine’s Day bonanza you’ve been waiting for

Xiaomi is planning to start its 2017 with a major launch for India. Currently the Redmi Note 4 is formally out for the market, and the company needs to reproduce the magic of its forerunner the Redmi Note 3. In any case, it won’t be that simple as the Redmi Note 4 comes, when there are significantly more devices in the budget range in the market.

The bracket of Rs.10,000-15,000 has become a battleground for major companies from all over the world. Whether it is Lenovo powered Motorola, HTC or Asus, they all have recently propelled new choices in this value range. Truth be told Lenovo has been having a fantastic run with the introduction of another variation of its K series of smartphones. And, it will probably proceed with the same feat in 2017 that it carried in 2016.

Range of Product

For the majority of people in India, a smartphone doesn’t stay in the hands for too long. Not unless if they’re too happy with its performance or they don’t want to look around. But, the frequency in which people change their mobile phones is quite high in India, as compared to other countries.

The middle class and upper middle class strata in India loves exploring the different types of smartphones and the mid-price range which is mostly taken up Android devices, throws several amazing devices to entice your core. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x launch comes at the right time when most of the young working class in India will be soaked in the fever of love. And, many of them will be looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their beloved. So, if you’re too looking for a change, this would be the right time to do. However, like any other major launch in the India, Xiaomi is supposed to sell its smartphones through leading e-commerce sites. Register yourself for the flash sales and get ready to enjoy the Xiaomi powerhouse.

Hatsune Miku feature

The phone is also propel Chinese anime fans, as the 4X comes with Hatsune Miku feature. Its mobile covers, power banks and color themes will supposedly carry the design inspired from the virtual pop star. It will be first of its kind when a smartphone is launched bearing a special edition tag, and that too of an anime character. Although, the same strategy has been tried by Sony before for its limited release featuring the same anime character.

Redmi Note 4X

Xiaomi has already released the Redmi Note 4X cell phones in China. If you’ve been following the news, then you must have heard about the leaks and gossipy tidbits around this smartphone at some point, and it would be wonderful to see whether Xiaomi has launched a reprised version officially or not. The colors the smartphone will be accessible in are champagne gold, cherry powder, platinum silver gray and matte black shading alternatives. There’s a unique variation of the Redmi Note 4X in a green shading too called Hatsune Miku, which will be available in limited quantities on sale on Valentine’s Day. The organization has banded together with Japanese firm Crypton Future Media for this shading alternative. The price and availability of the new smartphone is yet to be revealed, but so far over 550,000 people have already registered for the sale of this green ‘Hatsune Miku’ colour variant.

Valentine’s Day challenge

To make the occasion interesting Xiaomi is also planning to give away about 100 Redmi Note 4X smartphones as part of their marketing strategy. The campaign will be named as ‘Valentine’s Day challenge’ and lucky customers can get have their hands on green colored variants. As far as it’s considered, the Redmi Note 4X packs a feature of a 5.5-inch full HD (1920x1080p) screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor, which is the same as on the Redmi Note 4 that was launched earlier in India.

It additionally accompanies a 13 MP camera at the back, and a 5MP front camera. Redmi Note 4X sports a major 4100mAh battery, same as the one on the Redmi Note 4. Xiaomi is staying with a whole body made of metal for the Redmi Note 4X, and it looks precisely the same as the Redmi Note 4 that was launched a year ago in India. The smartphone also has a unique finger impression scanner at the back. Though Xiaomi has made its memory specs official, the RAM for the Redmi Note 4X is indicated to be 4 GB.

Mid-range smartphones

Keeping in mind that the mid-range smartphones in the same class have suddenly sprung up in the memory department. This might be due to the demand of better memory functionality, as the people in India are quite app savvy, and would definitely grab a phone that can multitask like a breeze. The base storage is also not confirmed, but seeing that the Redmi Note 4 worked really well with its 64 GB variant, the Redmi Note 4X will also sell mostly in 32 and 64 GB variants. In China, Redmi Note 4 came with a MediaTek Helio X20 deca-core processor, while the Indian market got a Snapdragon 625 powered version of Redmi Note 4. So, something similar is speculated for the Redmi Note 4X.

Snapdragon 625 SoC

If you go on reading the reviews written by leading tech-magazines and experts, the Redmi Note 4X will emerge out as an exceptional device. The biggest plus point of this smart phone that one could not is the remarkable battery life. With more than 4000 maH of battery, the device tends to stay juiced up for an entire day of functioning. Keeping the fire burning at the back-end is the powerful Snapdragon 625 SoC, which is relatively newer for Indian audiences, but it is nonetheless highly efficient and doesn’t drinks enough power supply. The real verdict will come out on Valentine’s Day and it will be interesting to see whether the Indian market showers love on this offering by Xiaomi. For a smartphone that packs incredible functionality and high technology, it will target to boost up Xiaomi’s popularity in India, and thus making more sales.


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