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How many times did you need to finish up a task or make some changes to your paperwork, but you were out of the office, on a holiday or a business trip? Probably too many times. How about those meetings where you had to drag your laptop just in case? It can be really annoying and stressful. So, it’s high time you embrace numerous perks of modern mobile technology and start running your business on mobile too. Turn your iPhone into a portable computer and useful iphone apps into programs that will make your job easier. Given that you already have a smartphone, the only thing missing is a list of must-have business apps. Therefore, carry on with reading and discover them.


iPhone Apps


If you work in a team, then this app will help you communicate better and get more job done. Slack allows real time messaging and file sharing for private or group conversations, but has also a powerful search, so all data are accessible without difficulty. It is synchronized with other apps and services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, Twitter and more. Pretty convenient when it comes to document management. This is a great communication tool that will save you time and make your colleagues work as a team.


WPS Office
iPhone Apps


Can you imagine your workday without inserting data, editing documents or sharing them? Yes, that is quite impossible. That’s why you’ll need an app that will give you a hand with handling documents effectively on your iPhone. WPS office provides you with a free office suite which is compatible with Microsoft Office, PDF and other file formats. Create and edit .docx files, update presentations or enter charts with ease. Likewise, it’s possible to read and share PDFs. Very close to a computer program, don’t you think?

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Running Your business


When working on different tasks on a daily basis, a task manager is very handy. Things app can help you with that. Organize your projects and tasks by categories: today, next or someday. Also, you can create repetitive tasks, schedule tasks for later, add due dates and much more. Its clear design makes it very simple to use and makes task management a pleasant activity. Forget about lost paper to-do’s and wasting time looking for them.

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Free Conference Call
Running Your business
Living in a digital world brings some benefits, so let’s take advantage of them. Don’t squander time and money on traveling to have a meeting, it’s enough to have this app. Free Conference Call makes it possible to host HD audio conference calls with videos. No more bad connections and interruptions. Join online meetings, connect international callers, organize conferences on the go and more. Free Conference Call will make you available for clients and colleagues from all over the world.


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OK, we’ve covered meetings, but what to do when you need to travel or commute in order to take care of signing various documents? It can also be time consuming and requires some funds as well. Luckily, there is an app that resolves this problem. With SignNow you can sign documents wherever you need and get anyone’s signature. Whether you need to sign sales agreement, permission slips or finance documents, this great app makes it simple and painless. Forget about scanning, faxing and printing, there is a more elegant way to get your job done.


iPhone Apps


It’s very convenient to have an app for brainstorming ideas and organizing your thoughts. Say no more: Paper is the right app for that purpose. It makes note-taking easy and fun, as well as making lists, diagrams and sketches. Keep everything well organized and in one place. Later on it’s possible to share your ideas as PDFs, Powerpoint presentations or Keynote. Also, Paper allows you to bring text, photos and sketches together. Doodle like a pro and create fantastic projects.


iPhone Apps
Finances represent an important part of your professional and private life. It might sound a bit tricky to be taken care of from your smartphone. Actually, it isn’t. There is a pretty handy app that covers that question. Mint is a budget and personal finance app that will help you manage your incomes and expenses. Put all your accounts, credit cards and investments in one place in order to track your expenses, create a budget, get bill alerts and tips for saving money. Mint will be your personal finance advisor. Spend smarter and save more!


PDF to Excel
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There is one more app to complete the whole picture about managing finances. All financial documents are very important data and therefore need to be secure and safe. That is the reason why they are usually in PDF, the unchangeable file format. But, what if you need to modify something? In that situation, you’ll need PDF to Excel. It will smoothly convert PDF tables into editable Excel spreadsheets. Likewise, it’s possible to convert Gmail attachments and files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and OneDrive. Now you can deal with invoices, balance sheets and receipts properly and with success.


Scanner Pro 7
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Speaking of dealing with different documents, there is a very useful app that can be of great help. Scanner Pro 7 allows you efficient scanning and saving a digital version of a paper document.  Basically it turns your iPhone into a mobile scanner. It’s possible to email, upload to cloud storages or to export all your documents to images: from receipts, agreements, checks, and more. Nice way to handle tedious paperwork, isn’t it?


Focus Zen
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Last but not least, with all that work you need to relax a little bit. So here is one app that will help you stay focused and be more productive. Focus Zen will boost your concentration with a set of custom made audios. Forget about distractions and noise. Just relax and calm your hectic head. That way you’ll be better focused and will achieve more eventually. As the developers of this wonderful app say: “It’s better than a morning coffee.”


Hope this list of valuable business apps will enrich your professional life and encourage great deeds. Feel free to add in the comments some of your favorite apps for running your business on your iPhone.



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