8 Best Productivity App For Android Phone Users

best productivity-app for android

Best Productivity App forAndroid Phone Users

There is nothing in the world that can exist without being productive, neither the job in hand nor the app on phone. In this scenario when we have figured out that are life revolves around this little gadget that has the existence of that being grabbed in the phone, we wish it to be as productive as possible. There are umpteen apps that we download from the play store and give it a valuable position on our phone. These tiny super computers that fit in our pockets out there are flooded with apps. But the question is that are the all apps that we keep in our phone most useful android apps? Are they justifying the space that they occupy? Are these the most productive android apps? Well the question is not all. Now the other question that arises is-Which all apps are the most productive android apps? Here we present before you the list of 8 best productivity apps for android phone users. These are as follows:

8 Best productivity apps for android that will bring a new sort of productivity on your handset are as follows



Comprising of several  features, inclusive of syncing between devices, cross-platform support, offline support, and taking any kind of note (list, voice, video, text, image), this is the most popular and one of the best productivity apps for android. Though the basic feature that you need like that of sharing the notes is free of cost but you need to purchase the other features.

2.Google Drive

best productivity-app for android

The Google Drive supports all the type of files which makes it the best  cloud storage app. Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, and Slides allow you to take notes and perform office related tasks. Google Photos that you have allows you to store and view photos and videos that you take with your smartphone. It provides you help at the time of file sharing, file storage, office apps, note taking apps, and even photo storage. You can purchase the add on Google Drive space.Unfortunately, Google is blocked in a number of countries, namely China. So, Google fans who travel often should consider augmenting their Google service with a VPN unblocker.



IF by IFTTT is one of the best productivity app lets you make recipes which asks the various apps to do various things at different time slot. Name any task and this app will make your phone do it automatically without you having to take the tension. If you have smart lights and other IoT devices then this is a must have app. Using the app you can auto-save your Instagram photos to the Dropbox.

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4.LastPass Password Manager


Besides being the best productivity apps, LastPass is also the best security apps. The app stores your login credentials for different sites which you can use to log in. you can build complex passwords, log in faster, and best part is that you do not have to memorize the password to every site that you are using. To get all the features you need to make the purchase but the basic feature are available all free of cost. It prevents you the horror of memorizing the passwords for so many sites that you use.

5.Microsoft Apps


Microsoft Apps depicts all the apps that Microsoft has on the Play Store.  These include umpteen such apps that can boost your productivity. These are inclusive of the OneDrive, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Cortana, OneNote, Outlook, and many other such apps. It helps you to get the cohesive experience by organizing and bringing all the things together. Microsoft Remote Desktop facilitates dial on your Windows PCs from your Android phone, which is one feature of this productivity app. This app paves the way for you to merge mobile and desktop experiences.

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6.Newton Mail


With simple and easy to use interface, one of the most powerful email apps is the Newton Mail. It provides the support to almost every email provider and has a host of plugins for apps that include the Evernote, Trello, Todoist, Pocket, Zendesk, and many others. This implies that you can seamlessly integrate one into the other for getting the work done quickly. You can also avail the syncing support that makes switching the devices a lot easier. You might have to pay for some features that you like but most of the basic features come free of cost.

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Pushbullet is a classic productivity apps which  helps to bridge the gap between your phone and your computer. You can easily revert to the text messages, send files, and even set up channels to get notifications about the things that you want in particular. It easily works on Mac, Windows, and also Linux.  By using the free version you can judge the feasibility of the app with your own needs and then you can go in for purchasing the same if you feel like it suits your needs.

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If you are one of the messy kind of a person then his is the perfect solution. The app keeps you organized. It is without doubt a  good task manager. You can create what are called Boards to help keep your various projects organized and each board allows you to work on one task at a time. You can easily collaborate with co-workers and friends which makes it not only good for  work but also for the family environment. It arrives with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Android Wear support. This s one of the best productivity apps that is available to use for you that too free of cost.

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All in all these are the best productivity apps for android phones. By installing these today on your smartphone you can make your lifestyle a bit easy and fancy and your handset a little more productive. After all, it is the productivity that keeps the things going. So now when you know the best productivity apps for android then you need to get rid of all those apps that are for no reason consuming the precious space on your phone and make a place for these ones. You can easily download these apps today on your smartphone by simply visiting the playstore.

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