10 Benefits of Guest Blogging to Know in 2020


When talking about online marketing, among so many tricks and strategies, guest blogging is one such option that has the true potential to come up with flaring results. Posting blogs on other sites is quite obvious to spread up quite fast and attract much higher traffic than just general tricks. 

If the basic benefit is not close enough to match the satisfactory level, there are also a number of other benefits that can be checked out. Here is a list of as many as 10 benefits of guest blogging that can be known.

Quick Exposure

If you get into online marketing, traffic is everything that matters. In order to get that flow, it is not only necessary to create or get engaging content but also it is equally important to post it in the right place. Posting the blog at the right sites can gain you a good traffic view on your blog that can slowly get drifted to your site also. 

Increasing Personal Network

The technique and process of guest blogging have reached out to new levels now. People, not don’t just post the blogs and wait for the viewers and traffic on their sites. There are many site owners who create groups of contributors so that conversations can be initiated. There are so many times when you can tend to learn new things from the people talking over this group. 

Also, getting new ideas on the market and getting to understand the market trend becomes quite convenient in such kind of groups. Going through the email threads or asking questions are very much beneficial in such references. 

Social Media

Social media is the new tool or option that is known to be quite helpful in building your reputation in the market. But getting started with the social media marketing thing is again similar to cracking the tip of the ice thing. Guest blogging is known to offer great help here also. When you are posting a normal blog on social media, you may fetch likes and shares of only those whom you know or people from your list. But when you are sharing a guest blog post, there are already interactions on the blog post or the blog site and hence the exposure over social media is also high. This will lead to a high number of shares and likes. 

Growth in Followers

The guest blogging trick is an immensely useful technique in growing the number of followers on your social media page too. When you are sharing the blog post, the traffic on the post or the site will not only get connected to share your post on their feed but also there will be some such people who will actually visit your page or even your site and may become your follower. In these followers, there can be some such people also who can naturally get converted into your potential customers. 

Improving Online Authority

Online authority or domain authority has a lot to do with your reputation in the online market. It has a very big role to play in the conversion of attracted traffic to potential customers. Posting potential blogs on other sites has the credibility to help you improve your online authority that directly aids in improving the reputation of your brand in the online market. 

Backlinking Options

Whenever a site allows posting guest blogs, they are generous enough to allow inserting one backlink at least. This is again a great exercise as it helps in getting good traffic on the website in a much lesser amount of time. The best trick here is to get guest blogging sites that have already high domain authority, high traffic and is somewhat related to what you are doing. This means if you having a website for beauty products try to post blogs on sites that are related to beauty products or beauty hacks. 

Higher Brand Awareness

This is quite known that guest blogging is a great way to increase online authority. But it is also necessary to improve your brand awareness. So, when you have a platform where you are gaining so much of potential traffic, it is important to utilize it. One of the best tricks is to put up some practical content such as tricks, tips, useful methods, suggestions, and similar stuff that have the capability to attract the audience in a useful way. This will make the audience think more about your brand and hence this is great in improving your brand awareness. 

Qualified Leads

When you have so much traffic on site, you can obviously get leads that are fruitful from this. The only hack is that you should post blogs on a site that has got some relevancy with your site or brand products and services. This will bring in such traffic that can be beneficial for your business and hence you can start targeting them for positive marketing activities. 

The Sales Process

Normally, people wait for the right traffic to visit the site that can be marketed to convert them into potential customers. The sales cycle can be reduced down when you are spending some time on guest blogging. When you notice that your blogs are gaining good exposure on the blog site and this is also impacting your follower’s list and others, this is the time to take the hit. Indirectly promote some products or your brand in some of the blogs that can act as sales service to the audience.

Feedback is Important

To be on the top, it is important to react upon the feedbacks achieved. When you are in a community through the guest blogging process, try to ask questions as the feedbacks that you receive can be very much helpful in a number of ways. You will get to see things from other’s perspectives and hence can have a wide view of everything. 

These benefits of guest blogging are only possible when two things are taken care of very diligently. You need to have a sharp knowledge of content marketing so that your blogs can be capable of attracting the audience and also retaining their interest. Also, you should be aware of the ways how the right guest blogging technique works in order to get the right results.



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