Why Can’t I Post On Instagram? Try These 10 Tips For Quick Fix


Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing network on the Internet, and it has largely replaced Facebook as the primary social media platform for people who prefer to express themselves through images rather than words. But what happens if Instagram is down? I’ll show you the most common causes of Instagram not working and how to fix them.

Note: Restarting your device and ensuring you have a stable Internet connection are good places to start. If you’ve tried both and still can’t get Instagram to operate, keep reading. It somehow becomes frustrating and you keep on pondering why can’t i post on instagram? Before sharing your quick solutions, let us delve deeper why you are not able to post on Instagram platform.

Reasons For Why I Can’t Post On Instagram?

Instagram does not always allow you to post videos or stories. There are a few reasons you may wonder why you can’t post on Instagram, and here is your answer:

  1. You may be unable to upload photographs and videos to Instagram due to a poor internet connection.
  2. It’s possible that Instagram won’t recognize the video or photo format you’re trying to upload.
  3. It’s possible that the content of your video or photo violates Instagram’s regulations, or that you haven’t provided credit to the video/creator. image’s
  4. It’s conceivable that your Instagram account will be restricted, disabled, or barred from publishing activities for a short period of time.
  5. If you can’t share photographs or videos from your gallery, you’ll need to give Instagram permission to access your device’s storage.
  6. In a single post, you utilized more than 30 hashtags.
  7. Instagram may impose a size limit on the file you want to upload.
  8. It’s possible that the aspect ratio of the image you’re uploading has been surpassed.
  9. Instagram has set the following constraints if you are unable to post a long video: 60-second video snippets for feed posts, 15-minute video clips for IGTV mobile app uploads, 60-minute video clips for IGTV online uploads, and 15-second video clips for Instagram stories.

How To Solve ‘Not Posted Try Again’ Instagram Error?

Is it tough for you to upload a new Instagram photo? Nothing happens when you open the app and tap the required buttons. Then you discover that you are unable to post on Instagram for some reason.

You aren’t the only one having difficulties with this. It’s actually a lot more common than you might believe. In this section of my article, I will provide you solutions for not posted try again instagram error which will help you to post new photo on your platform easily:

1. Restart Your Phone

The simplest solution isn’t always the best option. Try resetting your phone if you can’t post a photo on the Instagram app. A quick restart may be all that’s needed to resolve whatever temporary software issue you’re having.

Hold down the power and home buttons on an iPhone for roughly 3 seconds, or until the screen turns black and the white Apple logo appears.

Hold down the power button on an Android until you get the option to reboot. To restart your phone, tap it. Keep in mind that the exact procedure will vary based on your phone’s brand and model.

2. Re-Install Instagram App Again

Occasionally, all you need to do is reinstall the software.

If you’re using Android, go to your Play Store settings and look for Instagram under My apps & games. Open the app, then remove and reinstall it. If you’re using an iPhone, delete the app from your phone and visit the App Store to reinstall the app again.

3. Change Data Setting of Your Instagram App

When it comes to how much data you may use on Instagram, there are also limits. If you’re not connected to Wi-Fi and you’re using data, ensure the app isn’t restricting your data consumption.

To do so, go to the app and disable the Data Saver option if you’re on an Android device, or the Use Less Data option if you’re on an iPhone.

  • Go to your own profile. Select Settings from the hamburger menu (three lines) in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the Setting and then press on Account Option.
  • Select the option of Cellular Data Use. You need to make sure that Data Option is closed.

4. Clear Your Device Storage

This could also be the case if your phone’s storage is full. When their storage space is already running low, some users have reported being unable to post on Instagram. To free up space, just delete files you no longer require.

5. Delete All Third-Party App From Your Phone

Do you use third-party apps to log in to your Instagram account or make posts for you? It’s fairly uncommon to hear of third-party apps violating Instagram’s terms of service or restrictions, resulting in your inability to publish on the platform (it may even prevent you from following people on IG.)

Remove any Instagram-related third-party apps from your phone to see whether this fixes Instagram issues and allows you to add photographs without having them installed.

Not Able To Post Multiple Photos To Your Instagram Portal?

If you’re still experiencing problems sharing several photographs on Instagram after following the steps above, press and hold on a photo. This is the only remaining option for dealing with the “why can’t I post several photographs on Instagram” problem.

I’ll tell you how to fix “Instagram can’t post”, now that you have learned more about why you can’t publish on Instagram.

Top 10 Quick Solutions For The Error

Instagram, being the most popular social media platform, receives a large number of daily reports informing users that they are unable to post on the platform. Actually, there could be a variety of reasons why you are unable to post on Instagram.

Instagram has a variety of functions that users use on a regular basis, but the most important feature is the ability to publish various forms of content. And if you can’t post on Instagram, you’re in big trouble.

1. Clear Cache Memory Of Your Instagram App

Because your Instagram cache is full, you may be unable to post. In this instance, your phone’s storage capacity is insufficient to save further data. To resolve this issue, perform the actions outlined below to delete your Instagram cache.

On iOS devices, clear the Instagram cache: 

To delete the Instagram cache on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings menu, select “General,” and then “iPhone Storage.”
  • On the list, look for the Instagram icon and tap it.
  • Tap “Offload App” to delete your Instagram cache.

On Android devices, clear the Instagram cache:

To clean the Instagram cache on an Android device, follow these steps:

  • Go to “Apps” in the settings menu.
  • Tap on Instagram once you’ve found it.
  • Select “Clear Cache” from the drop-down menu.

2. Check Photo/Video Policy Of Instagram

Another reason you can’t post on Instagram is because Instagram takes its terms and conditions very seriously. Instagram closely monitors the content of users’ photographs and videos.

As a result, they have sophisticated bots that can detect any image or video that breaches their rules in real time. They will not allow you to submit anything against their conditions if your content breaches their policy.

Another scenario is when you infringe on someone’s copyright. It’s possible that you won’t be able to post these kinds of photos or videos. As a result, make sure your videos follow Instagram’s guidelines.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

When you’re not connected to the internet, you can still access the app and look at previously loaded photographs, but uploading new photos is obviously not feasible. The dreaded Instagram not posted yet error will appear.

If you’re having trouble posting on Instagram, check your internet connection to see if you’re actually connected.

If the WiFi symbol is active but you still can’t connect, it’s possible that it’s not correctly connected. You may force your phone to reconnect to the internet by turning Airplane Mode on and off. Upload a photo to Instagram now, and if it hasn’t been posted yet, try again later.

4. Change Your Instagram Data Setting

Instagram has data-saving capabilities that limit how many posts you may share at once. To protect your internet data, some of the bulk uploading methods have been blocked.

If you are unable to post on Instagram, it is possible that your device’s data server is activated; therefore, you should check it.

  • Go to your Instagram profile first.
  • Second, go to “settings.”
  • Then, within the settings, select “Accounts.”
  • Then look for the “Mobile data consumption” option.
  • Finally, disable the option to “Use less mobile data.”

5. Check Your App Permission

To perform effectively on your iOS or Android phone, Instagram requires a number of app permissions, including Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Photos, and Storage, to name a few. If even one or two of these permissions are denied, Instagram may not function properly.

On Android, go to “Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Instagram -> Permissions” to check sure app permissions are enabled. On this page, depending on your Android version, you’ll either need to tap the switches next to each option to turn them green, or tap entries in the “Denied” list, then allow them. On iOS, go to “Settings -> Instagram” and double-check that all of the necessary rights have been granted.

6. Reduce The Size Of Your Video/Photo

If you haven’t been able to publish to Instagram yet, you may be attempting to upload high-quality photos or videos, such as those taken with your best compact camera. You should also be aware of the essential size.

  • Instagram Photo Square: 1080px x 1080px 
  • Instagram Photo Portrait: 1080px x 1350px 
  • Instagram Photo Landscape: 1080px x 608px 
  • 600px x 750px for Instagram Video Portrait
  • 600px x 315px for Instagram Video Landscape
  • 600px x 600px Instagram Video Carousel
  • Photo for Instagram Stories: 1080px x 1920px
  • 420px x 654px IGTV Cover Photo

7. Update Instagram Application

If you’re running the most recent version of Instagram, your smartphone may have some difficulties. Most programmes are riddled with flaws, and the problem will persist unless these are addressed (via an update).

To upgrade Instagram, go to the Google Play Store and search for it, then update it. After you’ve done this, your Instagram should restart and you should be able to access your material again.

8. Clear Your Mobile Cache

Another reason you can’t post on Instagram is that your smartphone cache is full and you don’t have enough capacity to do so. There are numerous options for resolving this problem.

First and foremost, try restarting your phone. When you do this, a small amount of space will become available for you to use. After that, try to clear your mobile cache by erasing any undesirable data that may have been saved there. This can be accomplished by:

  • Clearing the programme cache from the settings menu.
  • Alternatively, you can simply erase any apps, images, videos, or other data that has accumulated on your phone but is no longer useful.
  • The problem of being unable to post on Instagram may be resolved by clearing the cache on your smartphone.

9. Check The Restrictions

Is this your first time logging in? Instagram has implemented several restrictions to make it more difficult for spammers to register multiple accounts for the purpose of spamming. This includes the ability to post new photos being disabled.

Try signing into Instagram on a different device to determine if it’s a software issue or if your Instagram account is the issue. Your account may be restricted if you still can’t upload photos from the other device.

By filling out their accounts, connecting with other users, and using the site for a while before attempting to post a photo, some new users have been able to get around these limitations. If this doesn’t work, you may have no choice but to wait it out.

10. Make Use of Different Device

If your Internet connection isn’t the issue, try using Instagram on a different device, such as your phone. Check if the app is working on someone else’s phone and if they can browse the feed and upload photographs or videos.


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