What Is prevNext? (14 Basic Features & How to Enable)


When you have multiple posts or blogs on your website, you will wish the viewers to keep on checking out all the posts one by one. If you have a good website, your viewers will see one post per page. In this situation, as soon as the reader completes reading one post, there has to be a tab that can guide them to the next post. Similarly, there also has to be a tab that can let the viewers check out any previous posts on the website. All this is possible by enabling the prevNext tool addon to your website.

Basic Features of PrevNext

PrevNext comes with some eminent properties that make it quite remarkable for the users. It helps you in sorting among different items, checking previous and next topics, and many others. Here is a list of such functions that you can make use of when you have got PrevNext.

  1. &Sort
  2. &PrevPrefix
  3. &tvPrefix
  4. &css
  5. &includeTVList
  6. &processTVList
  7. &toArray
  8. &includeHidden
  9. &nextPrefix
  10. &tpl
  11. &includeTVs
  12. &processTVs
  13. &parents
  14. &toPlaceholder

How to Enable PrevNext?

In order to enable PrevNext on your website, you need to first download the plugin and then install it.

Step – 1 – Visit the site MODX

Step – 2 – On the homepage, you will find Extras, on which you will have to click.

Step – 3 – On the page of MODX Extras, type the keyword Prevnext and search.

Step – 4 – You will land on the page of PrevNext.

Step – 5 – Click on the Download option to get the plugin.

After you have downloaded the plugin, it is now time to install it.

Step – 6 – Install the downloaded PrevNext in MySQL Databases.

Step – 7 – Next, class the package using the code [[!prevNext]]

Once done, you can now enjoy the features and functions of PrevNext.

About PrevNext

You will come across many websites that add the link to the next article or post at the end where one article finishes. Also, there are websites where you will find scrolling on one side. But these techniques look out of order and even may confuse the readers. Also, such techniques lead to low ranking in search engines as readers often quit such pages where they find such confusion. Hence, PrevNext is the best alternative in such a case.

On getting PrevNext, you will get two buttons at the end of any page. The left page is to go to the previous post while the right button is to go to the next post. It is quite easy to operate for the readers and also this does not make the page look confusing or congested.

It is due to the reliability and efficiency of the PrevNext add-on that some of the best brands and companies across the world such as Amazon have been using it.

Goldsky has developed this add-on PrevNext in 2014 and it comes with the license of GPL v3. This means that the user will not require any other license while using PrevNext for the purpose of sorting and other uses.

PrevNext has proven itself to be one of those beneficial add-ons that one should surely have on his or her website. It is not just an option to keep everything in order but also helps in increasing traffic on the site.


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