Ways To Make Money From Home – Easiest money Earning Methods

Ways To Make Money From Home

Have you decided that 2016 is the year you are going to earn money online from home?  Everyone seems to be doing it in some way and perhaps you feel like you are getting left behind because you do not even know where to start.  Maybe you already have a website, but it’s just not generating much of an income at the moment.  Either way there are so many opportunities out there to earn money online, if you are prepared to view this as a real job and not just a quick way to get rich then you can genuinely create a steady source of income. Check out this article please whenever you need to know the sites which actually payoff for your hard work :81 Sites To Find Side Gigs To Earn More Money Now


Here are 10 suggestions of ways to earn money online starting today

1.Become a Freelancer

Use your current skills and experience to get you freelance jobs through sites like Upwork.com.  You can find jobs ranging in anything from Writing and Web Design to Engineering and Accounting services.  3 million jobs are posted annually on Upwork so it’s highly likely that you will find a client who needs the skills and experience you possess, either on a part or full time basis.

2. Start Blogging

Another good way to earn money online and an obvious choice if you enjoy writing is to blog.  You can turn your passion and knowledge into a profitable business over time.  There are millions of people searching the internet for services and products.  Your blog would be a platform for these products and services to be found.  If you can produce written articles regularly giving advice and solving people problems, you will build a good flow of traffic to your site.  Once you have lots of traffic to your site, you can leverage this to sell things on your site.  Whether it be advertising space, affiliate links or actual products and services.

3. Write Product Reviews

Considering the millions of internet searches going on, you may then see the potential for writing reviews as a way to earn money online. The vast majority of consumers will research the products of interest to them and this will include reading several reviews before making a purchase.  Pick a couple of products in your niche and if you don’t already have them, buy them and try them.  Write an honest review and include the affiliate link to click through to buy them so that you get paid on any sales made from your review.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a pretty common way to earn money online.  It is the referral scheme which allows you to earn commission on any sales that result from a customer clicking through from your post to the sellers website to buy the product. There are many affiliate programmes to choose from so just Google “affiliate programmes” + “your niche keywords” to find ones that will work for you, or join one of the largest affiliate programmes Amazon to make a commission of anything the customer buys after clicking through from your site.

5. Write and Publish an eBook

Again using your expertise, you could write a more detailed document to solve a customer’s problem or answer questions that exist in your niche, as another way to earn money online. Once you have a topic and feel confident you can create unique content on this, you can promote the product on free eBook download sites, social media or even your own site to sell it.  You can also blog about content in the book with a link to buying the book.  Or you can get other blogs within your niche to review your book.

6. Buy and Sell Domain Names

According to Forbes, over 500,000 new businesses start up each month and although a vast number of these may shut down, initially they are all going to need a website. Perhaps we can go so far as to think their lack of web presence may even be a contributing factor to them actually shutting down.  But the point is everyone needs a website and it’s worth finding and purchasing some good domain names that are still available.  You could buy them for a minimal amount and resell them later on to a business that could really find value in that domain name and would be prepared to pay you top dollar for it.  A simple idea to earn money online if you can find well thought out domain names.

7. Social Media

If you have a large following on any of the social sites like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter then you could earn money online this way.  People with lots of followers are of interest to big name brands as its a new audience for them to promote to. You can look for the paid sponsorship programmes that would suit your lifestyle but you will need to qualify in certain criteria, like having a following of over 5,000 on your chosen account, in order to be considered.

8. Become an Project Manager Online

There is a huge number of freelancers out there ready to earn money online and a ton of companies looking to hire them.  This could open up an opportunity in the way of becoming the middle man. Maybe it’s my background in recruitment coming to light here, but if you can link the client with the candidate for the job and make a cut out of it along the line then why not.  It may not be the most straightforward approach as essentially you would be posing as the candidate to the client and as the client to the candidate but if done cleverly, this will certainly bring in extra revenue, and they both win too.

9. HubPages

HubPages may not be the first place you would turn to when trying to earn money online, but if you are trying a few new streams of income that are beneficial in the long run, this would be a good one to try. By sharing your knowledge and expertise on Hub Pages and working with their monetization partners you could earn revenue on the ads that are clicked through from your Hub.

10. Sell Websites

Taking this one step further than just buying and selling domain names, you could take advantage of the number of websites out there that let you build a website for free. You would simply set up your own website to promote the service of designing a customer’s website.  You would need to get all the details about what they want it to look like and what content to put on there and then you would do this all on their behalf and charge them for the service.

There are many other ways that you can earn money online and you could probably come up with a few creative ones of your own if you start researching it further.

I have been researching, reading and writing about social media, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and ways to earn money online since 2010. I am a freelance writer and blogger and I am passionate about helping others find their way online, so please feel free to leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.


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